My name. And my other one. And…

Oh my god, I can’t BELIEVE I’m doing this.

I said I’d list ALL the names I’ve EVER gone by on the internet, soooo… Here ya go!

In my time of being a person, I’ve made a few different names for myself, but I’ve always been the same person underneath. As to why I change my name I have no idea. I won’t actually say which one’s my real name, because honestly I answer to all of them. Mostly.

I’m going to list the names, and then where they’ve been used.

1. ThreeFoldFlight: my second Wattpad account, which I actually write on.

2. GreyWaves: my first Wattpad account, where all the stories are deleted. Coincidentally, I deleted it for the same reason I deleted my second blog. WOW.

3. Gemma, the name I used for my second blog. Now deleted. Ugh.

4. The name I used for my FIRST blog, which I won’t say because RL people knew about that one (when I say people knew, I mean everyone). Gods I hate that blog so much…

5. Sam: RPG site. One of my first characters, actually.

6. Sialle: another RPG site. I like to make up names πŸ˜›

7. FirstElm: I just use this one here and there, not really a specific name. Usually for games or something.

8. TenfoldBeing: a name I use on sites where I want to take the piss. Hehehe!

9. GemstoneEyes: my Kik. Add me if ya want, but tell me who you are first!


Oh my god. Let’s just leave it there, shall we? There are probably more, but MEH.

21 thoughts on “My name. And my other one. And…

  1. I totally get you on this! Over my time on the internet, I’ve gone through an absolute TON of crappy names. *shivers* I’ve just used pseudonyms for so long now that it just feels odd to use my real name.

    • Eyy!!! Finally someone who’s got the same situation as me! Yes – my real name sounds odd on the internet. It makes me feel weird.

  2. oh my god! i have gone through so many names on the internet, i just cannot handle it. like what was i even doing with my life. i might even do this now. but i am afraid of friends finding my child. oy. the struggles of secrecy.

  3. I was expecting a bunch of names that sound similar to each other but wow πŸ˜‚ My favourite out of the past names is probably Gemma but Elm is really good as well.

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