Such Gemma, Such Rebel

I’m grinning like a right lunatic.

So, sometimes I go by the name Gemma. “LOL,” I can hear you saying. “ANOTHER name?”

Uh-huh, and it’s one I use a lot. Not my real name, but gods I love the internet. What! I like the name Gemma! It doesn’t suit me at all…

So I replied to a comment using that name, and got this weird-ass thrill out of it. “Tell her Gemma says this.”

Oh, such rebel. Much names. Many identities. WOW.

Is it wrong that I almost feel like I’m cheating on this blog by using a former blog name for it?

Okay, that’s… Thatt’s really, really weird. HAHAHA, luckily it was with someone who knew the Gemma blog when it existed. More about that in some other post… *shuffles awkwardly*

Dear Elm,

Please forgive me, but Gemma’s just so much more beautiful than you. Is it okay if I go out with both of ya?

From… Yourself?

Blargh. I think I should sleep. How did I come up with THAT?

From Gelm – Oh my that’s brillian

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