The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 1: Blue

The Daydreamer Challenge has begun, and it’s day 1! This is my response to it: if you want to see the other prompts or want info about the challenge, take a look at this post:

Right, onto the post! The prompt I used for this is the colour blue. Except… I did something a little different with it. This isn’t a poem, a short story or a description, really – it might be a bit of all three, but it might be something completely different. I hope you enjoy!
Okay, look up at the sky.
There! Right when those clouds are out of your way – no, don’t look to ME for when that is, use your eyes! No, I won’t – for goodness sake, I’ll get to that!
See that? That beautiful colour, stretching up and up and up: there’re streaks of yellow and gold where the sun has painted itself across the sky, but it’s a clear day, and you can see the hues of that colour reflecting every which way, until everything is bathed in it.
There’s the sea. Hear it? Waves, crashing upon a rocky shore – but no, you’re not ON the shore, because then you can’t see. Pretend it’s possible, and imagine yourself floating. Picture it; it should be easy!
The spray of the water just falls shy of nipping at your ankles, the foam of the waves reaching up: the white contrasts on the blue, doesn’t it? Some people say that the sea is green, but you can see it’s blue as it stretches out before you, every ripple photographed by those all seeing eyes of yours. You gaze up, to the clouds skipping across the blue; you stare down, at the waves cavorting on a bed of azure. Up, down, up, down – you’d get quite dizzy, really, if you weren’t suspended in the air between those two entities.
The sea is calm today, with the sky peaceful too; it’s an endless blue that stretches for miles and miles. But sometimes, it bursts open; the sky cries and the sea churns, blue turning to black and grey and hissing as it does so. Not so beautiful, is it? Oh, I wouldn’t know!
Calmness, happiness, a sense of peace. Beauty – a dress, flowing to the ground; a painting done in so many shades on a white canvas.
When you see blue, you remember all the things I’ve listed. You associate it with things – “as blue as the sky”, “bluer than the sea on a calm day”. It’s easy.
But when I try to see blue, I can’t.
When I try to see blue, all I think of is the sea – which I can’t see, ironically enough – and the sky, and calmness. But those are just things, and they’re meaningless. Ever heard the phrase, “It’s like explaining colours to a blind person”?
I can’t ever see blue, and that’s fine. I can’t ever fly, and that’s fine too.
Er… Yeah, I’m blind. More on that some time later.
So, that’s my first Daydreamer Challenge day done! It’s an amazing challenge; go sign up if you haven’t already! And of course, great thanks goes to Caitlin for creating this whole challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚
From Elm

5 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 1: Blue

    • Any time! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you liked it. It’s in a bit of a weird style but there ya go! Yuck, disabilities are a sure fire way to make me sound like such an attention seeker stereotypical blind person but MEH ๐Ÿ˜€

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