The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 2: being somewhat creative in a creative way

Hello, again!
(creepy announcer voice) AAAAND, it’s day 2 of the DAYDREAMER CHALLENGE! Click THIS post to know what it’s all about, if you haven’t seen it already:
Theatrics over (but that was fun), I’m doing the “what word describes you best,” and “make up your own word” part of the challenge. Because pictures… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-
Um. Right. What word describes me best? Weeeell… Aww god this is difficult…
Wow. WOW! So original, so underused, so… Creative – okay, that was terrible.
I like to make up things. Worlds, characters, names, places, languages, situations – I just like to twist words, and to make things – though not in the building sense with bricks and that kind of thing, because I am a stereotypical weakling puny thing. Thing thing thing thing – I’m really selling myself out here to be creative, aren’t I? But I imagine my words as a sort of thread, where I spin it and you can make so many varieties of different patterns out of it.
My made up word? (Gah, I genuinely have so many; like Caitlin, this Challenge’s creator, I have almost my own language)
Eirla. Pronounced Air-Lah. In my warped mind, it sort of means “mist”, which for some screwed up reason makes me think of creativity, and spinning and beginnings and that.
One day, I’ll do a post on my own language… One day.
I hope you enjoyed this little slice of my strangeness! If you haven’t got involved in the Daydreamer Challenge yet, give it a go; it’s an amazing thing and I’ve already seen so much creativity already from other bloggers.
From the Elmitron

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