F to the I to the F T Y!

Good day, chums!

And no, I have not gone round the bend, off my rocker, whatever you want to call it.

Due to a slightly strange conversation I had yesterday with Aiden, AKA Bubbakavangha, “chums” is now my way of saying “Blog-mates”. Because mlogs sounded like a skin disease and bloggates sounded like one of those really huge boots that were in fashion 80 years ago.

That’s not why I wrote this post (though you have to admit that it could be a topic all in itself). As you can see by the title:


Yes, this will sound arrogant “I have 50 followers and you don’t, HAHA PEASANT”. I’m sorry! But seriously, thank you to ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, who read, liked, commented and followed. It means so much!

Blech. I sound so, so…

But thank you again! 50… How the hell…

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