The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 6: Lots of Linkity Links

I am a professional question answerer… Pretend that’s a word. Expect a LOT of links!

So, it’s Day 6 of the Daydreamer Challenge (yes, I know; it goes so fast!) and on Day 5 (see my day 5 post for more details) we were asked to write a question at the end of our post. And today, we get to answer them. ALL of them. This is going to be awesome. So, withht further ado, I’ll list the author, their question, and my answer! Simples.

Caitlin (A Little Daydreamer): “Can you believe it is coming to the end of the daydreamer challenge?” No way. It’s been amazing and I’m so glad I took part!
Bubbakavangha: “How do you describe your mind?” Difficult one. I think I’d say it’s a shapeless mass of substance, with little objects zipping about that represent my thoughts. Either that or it’s a flat plain of existence, with people running to relay messages from one end to the other, meeting in the middle.
But I Smile Anyway: “Would you like one of your posts to go viral?” I’m not sure. Yes, because I’d love to read what I’ve written, so that they could get something out of it. No, because I couldn’t deal with the stress, and then people would only read it BECAUSE it was viral. So, no.
Silver Sparkling Stories: “What’s your biggest fear?” That I’ll do something that will mean thatmy closest friends hate me, when I could have done something to prevent it. Among others, but that’s the main one.
A Random Person Called Annie: “How did you feel after posting your first ever post?” Determined that I wouldn’t screw up this blog like I did the last one, and also terrified.
One Sip At A Time: “What’s your favourite phone app?” Probably… Messenger, or WordPress. Gotta love social media…
K.E Wilson: “Where do you draw your inspiration?” The world, really. Whatever comes to mind, I blog about, if I can.
Lrod’s Blog: “Would you rather have your blog go viral or keep t as it is (small audience)?” Small audience. Oh god, I couldn’t deal with it if it were viral.
Gess Pressing Words: “What is the most awkward situation you have ever been in?” Hmm… That time someone made me feel their face?
Sophie Speaks Up: “If you could have someone’s blog for a month, whose blog would it be?” HAHA! Probably deepbluesandseafoamgreens because she is amazing.
Rogue Vogue: “If you were to re-write the dictionary for the year 2030, what one word would you like to change the description of, and why?” Bloody hell… The description for marriage, because it’s not inclusive at the moment.
Annemarie & Life: “What is your favourite part of the day?” Late at night, when I’m alone but I’m talking to one of my best friends.
Edwina’s Episodes: “Have you ever taken down a post because it offended someone?” No, and I don’t think I would, unless I could see why it offended someone or if it offended a close friend of mine. With any post, you’re going to disagree with SOMEONE’s views.
My question: “If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favourite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?” HAHAHAHA YES! I’d probably be a nervous wreck, actually.

My hands hurt so so much. I’m just gonna crawl off and sleep.

10 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Challenge, Day 6: Lots of Linkity Links

  1. Loved reading your answers 😀 😀
    And on the meeting bloggers one….God, I’d be nervous giggling so bad XD especially because I’d awkwardly bring out some maths being all “I’m not that obsessed…but…..I saw this really cute graph, yeah? And….”


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