The Best Words-on-The-Go Blogger Award!

Thank you SO SO much to Hann for nominating me for this award; it means so much!

The Rules:

1) Nominate 5 blogs and notify them by linking their blog site and commenting that they’ve been nominated for this.

2) Pick 5 out of their recent posts and form a story or write-up with them.

This should be awesome! I nominate:




Whatever Happened

I Am Odd

And now, the write up! (this might go a bit wrong hehe) Go check out all the posts linked – they’re fantastic!

I suppose, if you wanted to describe her in the way a lot of people did, she was The Girl With the Two Sisters. Well, to be quite specific – triplets. And you’d think, wouldn’t you, that they could get away with Tricking the Teachers? No – they weren’t those sorts of people. It wasn’t for lack of Love – no, they loved each other very much. But, to be honest, she felt a little left out – as you often do in a group of 3. Whenever she did something, her cry of “I DID IT!” was overshadowed by her siblings shouts of “I did it sooner!”

So maybe, just maybe, THAT’s why she started to get stronger. Maybe that’s why, night after night, she repeated the mantra: I Will Not Lie, and I Will Not Hide

Woah, that actually flowed!

Thanks again, Hann, for nominating me!

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