Daisies are Cool – stop laughing!

It was bloody boiling today – yes, I know! In ENGLAND? Yup.

At my school, I have to wear a blazer (and a tie) so I was baking. It didn’t help that my friends and I were sitting on the grass and the sun was beating down. It’s not often I sit on the field and I suppose I felt way more free than I usually do – usually I’m on the playground, and it was a bit weird to sit somewhere else, but that’s just me.

So I was listening to the slightly disturbing conversations around me – “You’re both amazing people! Just GO OUT, FOR FUCK’s SAKE!” “I am in a relationship with my iPhone.” “SHUUUUUUT UUUUUP!” And of course I wasn’t involved in them because I was thinking (shocking, I know!)

So like I said, I was feeling a bit different. One of my friends decided to make a daisy chain and I was half-listening and the thought of “daisies” came into my mind.

Okay, so I can’t see much at all, but on the field, I saw these little white specks. Difficult to describe, but that’s the best I can do. From past experiences – AKA from when I was much younger – I presumed they were daisies. I can’t see dandelions anyway.

On the backdrop of those strange conversations – “IT’s OBVIOUS YOU HAVE FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER!” “I told you, she said I should go out with my iPhone”, I picked those flowers off the grass, pinching the stems between my thumb and forefinger to create a sort of bouquet. Stereotypical, right?

I stood up after a while, trying not to drop them, and I could see them – kind of – a clump in front of my face that looked a bit weird. I started walking, a little, like a sort of shuffling motion that only made me go forward a little.

You know the friend who made the daisy chain? She joined the two ends together, put the circle on my head, and then I just stood there. I walked forward, again, nearly onto where the grass met the playground and just stood there. In front of me I could see the expanse of playground a little, and it was still boiling.

It felt really, really odd. A good sort of odd – I felt a little detached, and sort of like I’d done something strange by putting flowers in my hair and holding a bouquet of daisies near my face.

I’m not the type of person who wears makeup, ever, or who accessorises themf. I wouldn’t make it a regular occasion, but I just felt… I guess I felt like I liked it.

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