When the Mood Hits

I’m rather… Confused at the moment.

Err, let me explain, in the shortest way I can, because I’m so tired right now.

Sometimes I want to write so much but I can NEVER think of which topic to write, and when I write about one, all the other ideas get lost.

But sometimes, I don’t want to write anything at all, and I get locked in this spiral of ‘I hate everything oh god’. And then, I feel so guilty.

Sometimes, I want to write about a topic that will get you all thinking, and it will be something philosophical and meaningful. I read someone’s post and get inspired, and I just want to WRITE.

But sometimes, when I read those posts, I freak out. I don’t want to write something like that and I feel so upset reading them. I just want to write something funny, or humorous, that will make you guys laugh.

And sometimes, I never know what to write about. I feel sad, because I think I’m shit, and I think I’ll never be as good as any of the posts I read sometimes – because you guys are fantastic, you really are, and I’m so happy to read everything.

I never know when these moods will hit. They could change several times throughout the day, but I never like to post more than twice a day.

Sorry, guys. I don’t really know what I’m trying to say right now. I just guess I’m saying, sometimes my posts will be happy. Sometimes they’ll be sad, and sometimes they’ll be angry. I just never know when those times will be.

And I guess I’m trying to say, bare with me. Thanks, everyone. You’re all fantastic.

From Elm

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