Love Triangles aren’t Bloody Romantic You Foolish IMBECILE!

Oh god oh god oh god oh god

Okay. OKAY! I need to calm down. Shall I go from the beginning?

I need your advice. I need your advice on – wait for it; wait for it-


Don’t throw up… I have a rather superficial and pathetic dilemma.

Okay. There are two boys (GAG why am I writing this?). Let’s call them… Ash and Cedar.

HAHAHAHA, see what I did there? Elm, Ash, Cedar… I’m not funny. Wow.

Ash: I’ve ‘fancied’ him for a year, and been in love with him for half that time. He’s honestly one of my best friends: we trust each other so much, and even if we’ve just recovered from an argument, we’re still friends. We still mean a lot to each other, and understand each other so much. He knows so many things about me, and I of him, that we can’t NOT understand each other. He’s brilliant, and I have serious feelings for him. Your classic teenage love shit.

Cedar: One month. Or so. As in, I’ve ‘fancied’ him for one month. Weirdly enough, I first started talking to him in science. WOW! Such cliche… Anyway: Cedar makes me happy. It’s sort of a laughing feeling, the kind you get when you’re really, really happy. It’s new, it’s different, it’s horrific, I hate it and it’s not serious. I hope.

The Cedar Situation

Yesterday, I went to the canteen to buy some lunch (because I forgot mine, yes, call me a moron). When I came back, I went to sit on the grass with my group of friends. Cedar was there, which was kind of unusual. I sat next to him, and we talked – at one point, he asked me if I wanted a flower. I took it, and as a piss take he took my cane (blind person stick thing WOW!) It’s difficult to describe exactly what happened, but I was so happy for the rest of the day.

I’ve got a friend – SCREW THIS! Let’s stick with the tree names. So, let’s call her Pine. I told Pine about the situation, and she was squealing and stuff like a lot of my friends do (blurgh).

She shares engineering with Cedar. Of course, she neglected to tell me earlier today (she actually told me in music, the last lesson of the day) THAT IN engineering, she’d asked Cedar if he had feelings for me. Aww, thanks, Pine… Still recovering from that one.

His response? “Um… Ish… Maybe… Yeah…” And the yeah was said really quietly. I have no proof apart from Pine’s word that Cedar said that, but WHAT THE FUCK?! What am I supposed to do?
The Ash Situation

Bloody hell. Right. So this happened yesterday, too.

I have ANOTHER friend (OI!) and let’s call her Willow. Willow shares a sociology class with Ash. They have that at the same time I have history (last lesson of the day) and after history, I go to meet Willow at her classroom. Yesterday, Ash and a few of the other boys were getting screamed at by the teacher (I swear she’s sexist, it’s awful). Like creeps, Willow and I listened, but the teacher saw us so we ran out of the doors. When we got outside, Willow literally started screeching and dashing about. Here’s why:

Ash sits next to a boy, called Cameron. Cameron asked Ash who he fancied, and they’d narrowed it down to the first letter of the first name, and that she was on our half of the year.

I just need to state: in real life, Willow and I both have the same first letter of our first name. So, Cameron was guessing. Three guesses later:

“Can’t you think of ANY other names beginning with E?” (I’m using E as an example).

Willow turned round. “I can think of PLENTY of names beginning with E,” she said, extremely pointedly.

According to her, Ash’s face drained of all colour, and he said, “Don’t help him!” She is now convinced he fancies me.

Oh god, I feel like such a show-off. “EYYY LOOK AT ME! Like 2 boys fancy me, OMG I’M SO POPULAR AND PRETTY AND-”

Blargh no. Sorry if it comes across that way; I don’t mean it like that. Truth be told, I’m terrified.

I’d go with Ash, any day. But I have NO proof he fancies me: in fact, he hasn’t been speaking to me recently, and most of our communication is. done via the internet. Sounds weird, but there ya go. So how am I sused to believe he loves me?

Cedar, though – the thing is, what if I pick ing ‘wrong’ one? What if I choose Ash, but it turns out he doesn’t fancy me, and then I ruin everything I had with Cedar? Bloody hell, that’s arrogant.

I don’t really know what to do. I’m terrified of asking them both, because what if Cedar asks me out? HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT. But what if he does? Am I completely misjudging this?

Any advice would be the best thing in the world. Sorry for the seriously long post!

I feel like such a slut or an arse. My teenaged problems are so insignificant!

50 thoughts on “Love Triangles aren’t Bloody Romantic You Foolish IMBECILE!

  1. Your problem is NOT insignificant. I for one would be bloody terrified.
    Sorry. That wasn’t helpful.
    First off, cane??
    And second, maybe try talking to ash in real life, I think, get into the flow of talking again?

    • You’re right πŸ™‚ When we became friends again, Ash initiated the contact, so it’s high time I spoke to him.
      And yup, cane. White stick πŸ˜€ Yes, it sounds like a torture instrument.

      • Do speak!!!
        And I..forgive me for being dense, but I still don’t get the cane bit. O.O

      • *FACEPALM*
        No I can’t xDddddd Pwease don’t tweat me any diffewently?!?!

        I feel like I may offend here so um

      • I’m even more confused .
        How’s about maybe you could explain a cane? (I.e. Let’s go to back to basics XD )

      • RIGHT! So do you ever see blind people on the street? They’re holding this long white stick that they hold out in front of them to find where stuff is so that they don’t fall over or bash into things (it’s REALLY awkward when you do fall over).

      • Oh I see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        *light bulb moment*
        I’ve never seen one, but now I get you!
        Sorry for my stupidity.

      • Haha no it’s fine! I like to educate little Earthlings muahahaha
        Canes are pretty cool – sometimes I walk down the corridors at school and kids LITERATION dive out of my way. When I say dive, I mean they jump over it, basically run past me and nearly fall over.

  2. Ten years from now it probably won’t matter which one, if any, you go with. Figure out which one you like more than the other and go with that. If it’s a tie or you can’t decide, might be best just to go with the “none of the above” option. A guy being reluctant to tell your friend he has feelings for you doesn’t mean anything necessarily. Be bold and go get what you want on your own. Nothing is more surprisingly pleasant for a guy than for a girl to be direct and to the point with them. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for the comment and advice! πŸ™‚ It’s just difficult for me because right now, it seems the hardest thing in the world, despite the fact that in the long run, it doesn’t matter at all.

  3. From where I’m standing, it looks like the Cedar situation could possibly be a phase? I don’t know but considering you’ve had feelings for Ash for a long time, to me he feels like the natural choice.

    I know where you’re coming from because I have a similar Ash situation; I have a lot of feelings for a close friend of mine and have done for a long while. However, mine lives on a different continent (he moved away) so my decisions are heavily influenced by that. Since realising how I feel about this boy, I have also fancied other boys but have always gone back to this one. That’s why I would choose Ash.

    However, our situations are different so I guess you just need to decide which one you really love, if either. I really, really hope it works out!

    (Sorry for the ridiculously long reply…)

    • No, it’s fine! Thank you so much for commenting. I honestly think you’re right – if I go out with Cedar, Ash will always be on my mind. What I’m scared of is if I go out with Ash, Cedar might be on my mind, but I love Ash and there’s no getting away from that.

  4. You defineltey don’t have to take this piece of advice, but from my perspective, you should DEFINETLEY go for Ash. At least, that’s what I’d do. I mean, it’s pretty obvious they both like you, from the evidence you’ve given us. I would be pretty pumped too! So don’t feel bad about that. I like this one guy ALOT, but I don’t really know if he likes me, so the fact that you have even an inkling of an idea should give you some courage to go for it. Hoped this helped:)

    • It really did! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much. You’re right; Ash is who I should go for. It’s scary though. Really terrifying.

  5. Oh goodness…. Yeah, I’m not exactly sure where I was planning on going with this comment because, let’s be honest, I have absolutely no knowledge in this department.. But, uh, good luck? XD

  6. First off I’ve missed you. You haven’t been around for a couple of days, and I was like wtf where’s elm?! Anyways, it seems like you really like this Cedar boy, or at least have for a while. But Ash also sounds nice, even though I’m more for face to face interaction. Honestly flip a coin– but here’s the catch– while it’s in the air you hope, and that person you hope for is the one you want. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the boy you’d hope for would be Cedar. Or you could just wait for them to make a move. Just remain flirtatious, and maybe play the field so to say. It’s not a terrible thing if you lead both of them on:) On a side note, I’d like to talk to you about your eyes, considering we’ve both had issues. I’d just like to know your story.

  7. Firstly, don’t feel like a show-off because let’s face it: we’re teenager s, and this is how teenager do. Anyway, I’m just a potato, reaaaallly inexperienced on the topic of guys and dating and everything, but I HAVE read a lot of books, with the main character being in love with two guys (ahem, Katniss) and what I think you should do is go with Ash because you KNOW him, like properly know him. I’m sure if you give it a little time, Ash will give you the same bubbly/happy feeling Cedar does. If anything, DON’T LET THIS PASS.

  8. There’s not much point in commenting now since I’m just here to advocate Ash, too! I, like some of the other commenters, have been in your position, where I had long-term feelings for one boy and a crazy butterflies-in-my-stomach crush on another boy. I went with the former and I haven’t regretted it.

    If you like Ash, like Ash! Cedar is most likely a hormonal one-month crush (that’s how long most of my crushes last) and in a few weeks, that should fade. You could always wait a little bit more to see.

    I think you’d be genuinely happier with Ash mainly because you seem to have a great relationship based on mutual trust and communication. Those things are super important, because most relationships can’t survive if there’s only that momentary lovey-dovey-giddy love. Sorry for the long post, but I hope this helped clear things up a little?

    And I’m sure you’ll be fine! On the rare chance that Ash says he doesn’t like you, don’t go for Cedar simply because you feel like you’ve got no option! Choose someone who you know you like for who they are rather than how they make you feel πŸ™‚

    • God, your advice is honestly fantastic! Thank you so much – I’m very scared, but I’m going with Ash because he’s a brilliant person.

      • I’m so glad to hear that! And thank you for saying that, I just really wanted to be of some help πŸ™‚ If anything goes wrong you’ve got your IRL friends as well as your blogging community. We believe in you, Elm ❀

  9. Sounds like Ash is the one you like the most. I think you should talk to him. Just go ahead and ask how he feels about you. Even if the answer isn’t the one you want, at least you’ll know. Just remember there are plenty of other trees in the forest.

  10. I love love triangles πŸ˜› Sorry. I think you should go with Ash since you know him the longest and the chance of it blowing up in your face is minimal. But what if you get to know Cedar and you end up disliking him? But at the end of the day it’s about what you feel!

  11. Jesus Christ. I mean, Holy mother of god. I’ve read this quite late, but I WENT THROUGH THE SAME THING. Shit shit shit. Read my post ‘Story-Time’ to know more. But oh my god. It’s so eerily similar.

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