I Didn’t Stutter! – Part 2


Alright. Before you read this, take a look at part 1.

You know that audition? I got a callback. I GOT A OH my god.

Er. I found out. a week ago but… Kinda was distracted by stuff and… I’M SORRY!

I went for the second audition today. Central London, again – and on the way there, I was frantically running over my script. And swearing. In fact I swore so much that I was terrified I might swear in the actual thing. After several explosions of “FUCK! SHIT! NO SHIT DAMN BLOODY HELL!” I think my dad was either irritated or amused. Probably the latter – I’m a right bundle of laughs, after all. HAHAHAHA. Yeah right.

You know what?

I DIDN’T mess up! I know – shocking, right? After all, I was panicking so much before I went in that I almost hyperventalated. GAH!

I went in the room. We started with the script – a woman was running the auditions this time. She put me so much at ease that I forgot I was nervous. Usually I’m terrified.

The script actually went so well. I was horrified that I didn’t screw up – but she said I did well, which boosted my confidence so much that you wouldn’t believe it. I didn’t.

And then came the part where I bragged about myself – sorry, I meant talked. I said the usual shit: “Er yeah, I have a CD and I write songs and I like to write and yeah.” Except I laughed. A lot. OH GOD!

I know I won’t get the part, but there’s an insane part of my brain that just hopes. I have a CHANCE, and I guess that’s all I need to feel better.

All in all? Successful day πŸ™‚ I needed it.

It was an amazing experience. If I don’t get the part, I’m just so happy that I managed to do the audition, and I’m so glad that I managed to scrape together the confidence to stand up there and talk and be myself.

I feel like such a high-and-mighty twat. BOW DOWN TO ME, PEASANTS!

From the great, all-powerful, narcissistic, moronic Elmitron

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