Being Antisocial, Not Fitting In and Horific Irony

Right now, I’m half-lying and half-sitting on a bed in a rather cool villa in Centre Parks. I’m at a weekend with loads of blind people, and their parents – well, at least I know some people here.

The universe is laughing it’s arse off at me. I know this because:

1. The villa is in a section called Cedar. No, I’m not joking. If you don’t get that, read this.

2. There is a guide dog here, and his name is Ash’s real name. And if you don’t get THAT, read THIS – yes, I know; I’m like a self-promoting fountain.

3. I don’t fit in with the blindy community. HAHAHAHA. Yup! Put it this way: blind people are fine, because they’re PEOPLE. But people who put their blindness before literally anything else – I can’t deal with it. I get on better with sighted people because of it because we don’t talk about blindness, all the time. Not saying that EVERY single blind person does that, but some of them do and it’s enough to make me feel stifled.

4. Three years ago, I went to a summer camp where I met this intensely irritating twit who thought it would be hilarious to play a trick on me which involved him convincing me he was someone else and telling everyone afterwards that I believed him. I tried not to let it affect me but it was just awful. And he’s here. Stupid prat.

5. I have to go raft-building later and it’s fucking freezing and I turn purple when I’m cold and can’t move. Hey, I know! Let’s act the stereotypical teenage girl they all expect me to be! “OMFG my hair, noooooooo the makeup that I haven’t got on will run, OMGOMG WHYYYYY?!”

Er. That was a scarily accurate impression of one of the girls in my school…

It’s not all bad. An old friend of mine is sharing the villa with me – there are 3 families in this one. Mine, his, and a 10-year-old boy’s who is incredibly hyper.

Also, I’ve made plans to go swimming later. There’s also a disco… There are too many little children here! I can’t deal with little children! I end up saying something weird and… They’ll think I’m some monster!

I need to do revision goddamnit. Can’t be fucked. My hands hurt because I went on a tree-climbing activity earlier.

Tah-daaah… I have to dash. Apparently I’m being antisocial.

From a slightly bemused Elm

14 thoughts on “Being Antisocial, Not Fitting In and Horific Irony

  1. Good luck raft building and for the rest of the time whilst your there and I applaud you for managing to get this blog out, my parents are super strict about electric devices at times.

  2. This post is absolutley amazing, love the impression of the girl from your school it sounds err like someone from my school ;P

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