Motorways Do Not Control Me ARGH!!!

Alright, I’ve been in this thrice-damned car for 3 hours and I already feel sick. Only 20 minutes to go…

Unless, of course, we get stuck in ANOTHER fucking traffic jam. Really serious accident happened a few miles back. R.I.P to those involved.

I should NOT be writing. Or reading. Both make me feel so ill and I can already feel the urge to put this phone down and just listen to music but I WILL RESIST!

Ehh… I need to calm down. I have a test tomorrow and I’ve just returned from that weekend I talked about in my last post, and why is England so boiling right now? That’s not how it works! It’s supposed to be cold! COLD!

This heat is addling my brain. I don’t even remember what plans I originally had for this post.

Oi… If I write any more, I’ll probably do something like throw up. Ugh no.

From Elm, the Free Elf
(yes, Harry Potter reference)

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