You Are the Best Thing that has Ever Happened To Me

D’AWWW! It’s Elm, being all nice and stuff! I think this day should go in the history books, really.

I’m going to say this outright, because it’s time I did.

Anyone who reads this is wonderful.

Anyone who takes in this blog and gets something out of this – I admire you. I respect you. I want to help anyone, in any way I can, and if my words do that? That’s fantastic, and makes me so happy.

I don’t point out names of those that commented amazing support, but you know who you are and I think you’re all amazing and the best readers – and friends – I could ever ask for. To me, the follower, like and comment count doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is how many people get something out of my blog.

I comment and like people’s posts. It’s not for attention or for people to look at my blog. I honestly, genuinely do it because I WANT to. I WANT to help with my words. I WANT to read about things that will make me laugh, cry, or give advice that may or may not help.

The point of this post is to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for thinking about my blog.

But mostly, thank you for writing such amazing blogs YOURSELF. They get me through the day and give me things to think about.

Sorry this was so sappy. I just needed to say it, because I won’t bore you all with my woeful posts about boring crap – I’ll do that tomorrow.

You are all great and you need to know that. No matter what, no matter WHO you are – you are fantastic. If you’ve written about your struggles, you are brave, and you are willing to talk. Talking is good, because we’ll always be here to listen.

From Elm

51 thoughts on “You Are the Best Thing that has Ever Happened To Me

  1. You’re so goddam genuinely lovely like ERMAGERD
    Thank you
    Thank you for existing. Thank you for making a blog, sticking to it, finding me (and talking) and keeping things real.

  2. Been following and reading your blog for some time now. You’re one hell of a girl! Keep being you!!

    • I would say the same about YOU! πŸ™‚ But seriously, thank you so much. You have no idea how much that means to me.

  3. Your niceness has been noted in the History Books, of which I am sole editor and distributor. Now, to reset the balance, you ought to write a post about why kittens are to be loathed or something.

  4. I can honestly say that I am so happy I found you, you lil’ fabulous being. When I started blogging I thought I was just typing into the void; I never thought I’d find people, my kinda people. AH ELM I just wanna hug you right now. DON’T EVER LEAVE, EVER.

  5. Yay thanks love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (There is no such thing as too many exclamation marks)

  6. So, erm…*looks around nervously* I’m new here in the comments, I’ve been reading your blog for a while though (gosh why does that sound so creepy lol)! I love your blog but never commented before because I don’t have sound advice to offer. BUT. I can’t receive this little package of love and sunshine and do nothing. You’re a wonderful human being so thanks for writing all of these relatable and honest blog posts! πŸ™‚

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