“Yer still in love with ‘im, me ol’ matey-mate?”


Er. This post is about Ash. If you don’t know who Ash is, then just click on ANY post from the Ash tag because CBA to write posts links thingy blargh

Ash got back in contact with me yesterday. Got the shock of my life, actually. Long story short: he was so incredibly stressed about school and the french speaking exam (his one was today) and he didn’t know where to start. And he still thinks we’re really good friends.

And at that message, I realised why I was still in love with him. I’d never stopped. I’d just surpressed the feelings.

I helped him out. Mainly by giving him the draft I learned from so he could get some inspiration – I trust him not to copy it; he’s not that stupid. He seemed so surprised when I said I would help him, and said thank you about a million times.

“It means more than a lot.”

“Don’t worry if you don’t have it the thought is enough to show me what a great friend you are in my time of need.”

“You’re a life saver honestly, you always have been.”




And the Elm fell in love with the Ash. Or rather, she realised she’d never stopped.

A note: the conversations listed above were NOT direct quotes; they were the gist. I will not expose his privacy like that again.


I’m still hyped up over the situation which happened on Saturday so I GUESS I have conflicting feelings?

It’s always been Ash, though. For so, so long. I have had so many memories with him that I will keep with me forever.

It’s damn well unavoidable: I love him and have for a very, very long time. We are SO close, but I still love him. If he ever found out, he’d hate me. He’d think I was fake.

I’m okay with friendship. I’m fine with friendship. But I still love him.

19 thoughts on ““Yer still in love with ‘im, me ol’ matey-mate?”

  1. Hi there!,
    Good to know that you accept the fact you love him…it needs a lot of courage! And mostly people dont!
    But be careful girl!
    Try to find out if he really does…And he doesnt have any other intentions!
    Just an advice…
    Much love,

  2. Okay, so I stalked your Ash tags and other related stuff. I feel like a legit creeper now. BUT BACK TO THE PROBLEM HERE. So you’ve been in love with this guy, for a really long time.

    But nothing has happened? Idk, I don’t want to be rude but at least Alder threw it out there, ya know? Like he was pretty up front about stuff. Ish.

    IN the end, they are your feelings. Soooo yeah.
    Good luck xD Boy problems are the best and worst, aren’t they?

    • God they are! I gues… I don’t know Alder. At all. Well, I don’t REALLY – Ash and I have a very deep friendship and I suppose I can’t help how I feel.
      I miss the feeling I had with Alder – is that weird!

      • I don’t blame ya, a friendship like that is bound to leave some feelings. Hahaha, it isn’t weird at all! Plus Alder is leaving in August right?
        If Ash doesn’t really do anything in a while, why don’t you just have some fun with Alder? You’re a teenager, have your funnnn *-*

  3. It’s great he like you again and I hope he does return the feelings. However I’ve never been the best with boys so I can’t really comment on that.

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