That Doesn’t Give you the Excuse To Say THAT!

***ANY VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS POST THAT ARE IN QUOTATION MARKS ARE NOT MY VIEWS AND ARE EXAMPLES OF DISCRIMINATION. I do not dislike anyone as a result of their gender, race, sexuality or ANY quality unless the quality is one in their personality and they have done something inexcusable towards me or my friends.***

“Ugh, just speak English! God, your tradditions are so weird!”

“White people have discriminated against us in the past, so don’t even TALK to me!”

“You like boys? That’s disgusting! URGH, YOU GAY WEIRDO!”

“Ugh, you just don’t understand what I’m going through; all you are is just a straight person. Don’t even talk to me because you just DON’T GET IT!”

“You’re just confused about your gender, don’t worry! Just act normal!”

“Cis het scum.”

“You look like a freak YOU RETARD! Just go back to mental school.”

“You don’t have a disability so you obviously won’t get it; I’m not even going to associate with you!”


A white person insulting a black person because of the colour of their skin is racist. A black person insulting a white person because of the colour of their skin is racist.

A straight person insulting an LGBTQ person on their sexuality is discriminatory and homophobic. An LGBTQ person insulting a straight person on their sexuality is discriminatory and heterophobic.

Take a situation, have those two people switch roles, and it’s still just as bad.

Discriminating against ANYONE is not okay, no matter who you are – gender, race, sexuality, ANYTHING. If they did it to you, it would not be okay. If you do it to them, it is NOT OKAY.

I’m not saying that people’s struggles are worthless. People have gone through awful things as a result of their gender, race, sexuality or any aspect they cannot help, and that is absolutely inexcusable. It should NEVER happen because these people are trying to find out who they are and need support.

But just think about this.

Cis people pick on cis people. Cis people pick on trans people. Trans people pick on trans people. And trans people pick on cis people.

It’s not your label; it’s your personality. Who you are – straight, gay, cis, trans, black, white – does not give you the right to discriminate.

Thanks for reading. I needed to get that off my chest. Sorry if it’s very controversial.

40 thoughts on “That Doesn’t Give you the Excuse To Say THAT!

  1. Your post is not controversial at all. You’re absolutely right. People should not discriminate against each other but it happens all the time. It’s pretty easy to do once someone’s otherness becomes apparent. The German Psychiatrist Carl G. Jung once said that judging is easier than thinking. That’s why most people judge others instead of thinking why someone else might be the way he/she is.
    Discrimination, however, is not only a means of insuting someone. It’s also a means for people to deal with their own fears. Racist and discriminatory jokes have that purpose for example. We make fun of others because we’re afraid; because we have no other way to deal with that fear.
    On the other hand, those discriminated against can lead discrimination ad absurdum, declaring anything they don’t like “discriminating”. This in turn can lead to reverse discrimination. And so a vicious circle begins.
    Anyway, the field of Political Correctness (discrimination is nothing else than being politically incorrect) is a mine field.

  2. From a professional POV, I couldn’t agree more with your post. Sadly, we all, at some point, have made a disparaging comment without thinking first. As a society, we need to be willing to move on and work at removing such speech from our daily vocabulary.

    Well written post!

    • I quite agree that we SHOULD – but the problem is, saying that we should and putting this into action are two very different things. It is IMPOSSIBLE to stop people from judging, but it is up to the PEOPLE to stop themselves from judging. If they don’t even know that they’re judging in the first place, it would become even more difficult. And thank you very much!

      • Basically, your both correct. Discriminating vocabulary should be banned and in a perfect world that’d be possible. However, if we ban a racist term from our language people might still use it. This way, language or linguistic matters become politicized. I doubt that politics can help language (in the way you’d like it). Banning a term from language will not make it go away, so reality does not change. And should a term really be banned people come up with euphemisms that are just less or not too obviously discriminating terms. But I get your point.

  3. Yes to everything you wrote, with the possible exception of the phrase ‘heterophobia’. Although technically accurate to describe someone discriminated against based on their heterosexuality, its opposite (homophobia) has come to embody both that literal meaning and one that refers to the last 5,000-odd years of repression in human society.

    I’ve always found that using terms like heterophobia and misandry, while literally correct, somehow suggest that discrimination against men or straight people is as widespread and ingrained as discrimination against women or queer people. Considering human history is basically just straight men doing stuff, I’d say misandry and heterophobia are less widespread.

    Obviously for the person being discriminated against this grammatical fussing isn’t gonna make a lot of difference – I just enjoy faffing over grammar.

    • I was wary of using that word for that exact reason – but using homophobia made me feel weird because homo means same and hetero means different – in reference to sexual orientation. Your point really does make sense though. πŸ™‚

      • We never know what’s offensive or okay to say because it depends on the individuals we’re talking to – but as long as we’re aware of the potential for offence to be caused, it’s a step in the right direction.

      • But then how do you refer to them? When you talk about someone, the likelihood is that you’re going to piss off SOMEONE. Take my arrogant life for an example: someone calls me blind and I don’t even care but if you say the word blind around some blind people, they flip their lid because they think it’s too abrupt. But if you call me “visually impaired” – despite it being the politically correct term – I just feel uncomfortable. I hate generalising too πŸ™‚

      • I either talk to people as individuals and call them by name, or refer to a group that has an accepted single name for it – I’m comfortable in using ‘gay rights activists’ for people who might be protesting against homophobia, but terms like ‘homosexual agenda’ or whatever are inaccurately and unfairly narrow.

  4. And religion. At the moment I believe we are seeing the beginning of a huge uprise of Muslim hatred. The other a anti-Muslim poster went viral showing men with huge noses and long beards. Across Europe there are anti-Islam protests. My best friend and her family left England two years ago because they suspected this new rise in hatred. I hate it so much. It is disgusting, and I fear massively for the Muslim population.

    The problem is.
    How do we differ racism from free speech?

    • I don’t know – our government was talking about heavier measures on Islamic Extremists. Thing is: the Muslim religion is not bad. I have every respect for that religion, mainly because I have respect for ANY religion. It is just a small part of that religion that is causing problems – it’s the same with people. People should not blame the Muslim religion; they should blame the PEOPLE that are CAUSING the problems. I literally can’t believe some people because they are more judgemental than most. But if you suppress people for what they believe in, you are as bad as the people you are trying to stop. But if they are preaching hateful things then what do you do?

      • Yeah, Theresa May is thinking about the new bill against extremists – which includes the right to arrest you without charge, just under suspicion. They will have the right to take you from your home, because you are suspected as a terrorist. It may catch some potential terrorists, but I think it will cause more hatred. I am not really sure where this situation is going, but if the situation in Europe intensifies, I’m moving to Singapore, as England is not a place I would want to be.

      • I’m stuck here. It just disgusts me utterly how people have double standards – under SUSPICION? All that’s going to cause is a damn moral panic, and people are going to be forced into a frenzy “are THEY a terrorist? They’re Muslim so they MUST be a Terrorist!” I UNDERSTAND why they want to do it because they want to stop the threat of terrorism, but it won’t do ANY good and will make people become anti-Muslim.

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