Let’s Jump on the Bandwagon – 10 Random Facts About Me!

I feel like such a stereotype; it’s not even funny. SAVE ME!

I’ve seen a LOT of people doing this – most recently Unfashionable Cupcake and girlwithgreeneye – go and take a look at their blogs because they are fantastic specimens of human.

Okay – 10 random facts about that thing called Elm:

1. I live SOMEWHERE near London, I think, but I honestly don’t know which part… HA, that’s awkward. This is why I didn’t take Geography, kids.

2. I don’t know what colour my eyes are – I used to think they were brown, but then someone told me they were more green and now I’m told they’re brown with FLECKS of green. Eyyy I’m scared now.

3. I was bored and so I created the compound insult ‘basthole’ – bastard arsehole. I call people it because technically, it hasn’t got any full swearwords in it. HA!

4. I am addicted to fanfiction – ’tis not good. The only ones I read are Harry Potter ones and… I have some pretty messed-up pairings there.

5. I don’t really want kids when I get older. Yes, I know – a big thing to say now – but some people DO want kids and some don’t and I hate when people ask me “how do you know you don’t want them?” It’s double standards. I’ll make a post on that later, I think.

6. But if I DID have kids, I’d probably name them Rowan or Archie if they were a boy, and Rose or Gemma if they were a girl. My poor, poor non-existent kids…

7. I’m an Atheist, but I won’t insult anyone’s religion because I respect all religions. Unless, of course, they insult my beliefs first – if they do that, they should EXPECT me to retaliate.

8. If there was a higher power, I would rather it be multiple gods such as the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans had. I’ll make a post on THAT at some point, too.

9. The first blog I ever had was started in June last year – BLOODY HELL! That long?! Well that one went down the drain after I started my second and my second… UGH.

10. I used to be a regular on RPG websites where I created characters and stories and it was the best thing ever; I miss it so much. Those names I made though – let’s just write these post ideas down, shall we?

GAH, those facts were so boring.

19 thoughts on “Let’s Jump on the Bandwagon – 10 Random Facts About Me!

  1. My eyes alternate between brown, green and occasionally a murky yellow for no apparent reason. Makes me feel like an RPG hero whose powers are reflected in their changing eyes.

    And I’d do the RPG backstory thing, only with fictional players on sports games. I still remember the origins I drew up for my world-conquering side on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

    • Haha! I’m just so addicted to making stories and characters that it’s ridiculous. And YELLOW?! I’m shit at colours, but I swear yellow is… Not a common colour for eyes?

      • It’s a murky yellow! It’s not vermillion or anything :’) And that’s why I love games with narratives of actual significance, rather than being tacked-on to a shooter or something.

      • Exactly! You can just get so immersed into the stories and things whereas a shooting one is just, well, mindless.

      • Nothing inherently wrong with shooters, just the way some of them treat story as an afterthought – Mass Effect and Call of Duty are both shooters with wildly different presentations of narratives.

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