Wahey I’m here now!

Hello! My name is Odd. The Third Odd, if you will. My friend… Elm, like the poor, naive *ahem*Lovely, yes, lovely girl she is decided to let me have a go at posting here. So you might see me around the place now and then. (If she hasn’t disowned me by tomorrow of course) You can find my blog HERE.

Anyway. I thought I’d start with the story of how we met.

It was a cold winters day and the frozen city of Korinlen was in grave danger. A dragon had attacked the palace, and the one remaining monarch, the Blind Queen Elm had been kidnapped. People were running around gathering words and supplies to go out on the dangerous quest to return the Queen to her palace upon the greatest hill… All except one. Her name was Odd. Fair, beautiful, a maiden one could not help but fall in love with as soon as they set eyes on her. In her hand she carried a dagger and nothing more. She stole a horse and set out on her own, with no food or armor into the wilderness to recapture the Queen. As she rode, men staggered back towards the kingdom, holding eyes and heads, bodies and arms, legs and ears; not a single man came back unscathed. They sneered at her as she passed, hissing about how a mere woman would never be able to complete such a challenging quest. She saw the cave. It was big, dark and dismal, and all she could hear coming from inside was the screams of dying men and the roar of dragon as he crunched mens’ bones to pieces like they were nothing but chicken wings. Of course, Odd did not falter. She was the bravest maiden in the land, after all. She boldly stepped into the cave and through the dying men, stepping right up to the dragon and tapping him on the nose. He stopped what he was doing and stared at her- no, glared.  She glared straight back, undaunted. She was not afraid of this beast! The dragon stood, towering above her. She gripped her dagger tighter, and dodged expertly as the first lick of flame flew her way. Nimbly, she danced around the beast, slashing with her simple dagger at his belly until he was exhausted. He sniffed a wisp of smoke at her, and lay down, never to get up again. She ventured deeper into the cave, into the treasure horde. There, above a mountain of  of gold, sat the Queen, bound helpless. Her prize. When they returned to the kingdom, the Queen named her Queen as well, and they were married the very next day. For the rest of Odd’s life, she stood by Elm’s side, ruling as her equal over all of the now helpless lords and knights who had doubted her skills in the beginning like the witless fools they were. The end.

No, not really. I  went up to her in year eight and asked her if she wanted to be my friend.

Thanks for reading, Odd.

A Note from Elm:
Well, THAT was unexpected. I am NOT helpless, you fool! I… I… Odd’s writing skills are as good as ever. It isn’t fair.

25 thoughts on “Wahey I’m here now!

      • Aha, I just got it! The third Odd! πŸ˜€
        If I got to pick a name I would name myself Gertrude.
        The third.
        (We no longer speak of Gertrude one and two)

      • Pugs do seem kind of royal, don’t they? I don’t know why, but they give me the impression of being ‘posh’, lol; as you may tell, I do not own a Pug.

      • I like looking at dogs, but I don’t get along well with Dogs. Something about me repulses them. Needless to say, I’m a cat person πŸ˜€

  1. Damnit Odd, I love this. The dragon especially. You want to marry me? Aww! You could’ve just asked, dearest darling! xD

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