Grades are weird.

Fairly certain Elm doesn’t know I’m doing this. Shh, don’t tell on me.

Anyway. So today I had a mini little German test that my teacher gave us to make us prepared for exams next year or something? I don’t know. It was a listening test, which was good because it meant I could relax in lesson. And I got a pretty good score. Two marks off full marks. Which meant I got third best in the class, tying with a really tall dude who’s pretty cool. But because the grade boundaries only went up to a C on that paper because it was foundation, I still got that sinking feeling I get when I don’t get higher than a B. (On an old blog I talked about how I hated getting ‘low’ grades and how low for me was high for someone else and how I couldn’t cope with getting Bs and Cs.) It was less profound, sure, because one part of my brain was trying to tell me that I got the highest I possibly could have, but in my mind, a C is a C, no matter how you look at it.

Ah well. Fairly certain I’ll do okay next time I have a test like that with grades higher than a C. I hope.

Alright. I’d better go before Elm realises what I’m doing. She really should not have let me post here… 

Thanks for reading, Odd.

A note from Elm:
You sneaky bastard, you! 😀 also, what are you even talking about? you did amazingly, as you always do, and don’t ever doubt that.

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