AHOY! Twitter Chats and That

So yesterday, an amazing blogger (who wasn’t me) came up with an amazing idea.

What if there was a WordPress direct messaging system?

But there wasn’t.

So, she came up with the next best thing: she created a Twitter chat for bloggers.

Of course me, being the fanatical weirdo I am, jumped on the idea and together we sneakily added loads of people.

When I say loads, I mean about 30.

Seriously, it’s amazing to talk to so many people. It’s so great because you feel like you’re a part of something.

If you guys want to join in, just tell her or me your Twitter username πŸ™‚

You can find me on Twitter here and find her here.

I’ve found so many new bloggers (who are amazing might I add)

And we’ve discussed so many things that have left me on the floor, laughing so hard I nearly cried.

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