“Well, at least you haven’t given birth to a demon baby called Renesmee!”

I just finished a Skype conversation with the lovely, amazing and downright un-plankish Hannah.- and if you haven’t followed her already, do that because she is fantastic.

That conversation was over an hour long – and can I just say, I’ve only really been PROPERLY talking to her for a few weeks.

It’s amazing how many friends you can make, and in so many different places. I’ve never really spoken with such ease to anyone before, or switched between serious and hilarious topics so seamlessly.

By the end of it, I was nearly sobbing with laughter. You know those people who you just feel like you’ve known for ages? Yep – she’s one of them, along with a few other bloggers.

Topics that we discussed were:
How posh I was
Game of Thrones
Comparing my love life to Twilight (OI!)
Crying over the fact that she is on first name basis with Sainsbury’s employees
Game of Thrones AGAIN

We both thought it would be awkward. We thought we’d be saying things like, “Er, what’s your… Favourite colour?” “That’s a nice wall you’ve got there!”

We were wrong. It was actually really surprising – but a GOOD surprising.

Don’t underestimate your Internet friends. They’re just as important as your real life friends, and they’re always going to be there.for you.

ALSO – I have a REALLY REALLY exciting announcement to make tomorrow! πŸ™‚ Some of you may have already heard, but I’ll shut up before I give away too much!

Thank you, Hannah πŸ™‚

From Elm

6 thoughts on ““Well, at least you haven’t given birth to a demon baby called Renesmee!”

  1. And this is the part where I go cry in my corner like I will if Emma Watson ever tweets us, because of how cute that post was and how cool you are. haha x

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