A Weird Sense of Community, Birch and Corridors

I’m going to show Red my blog. He promised me he’d send me some of his poetry so I might as well, y’know, return the favour with a rather large part of my life HEH.

In our playground, our group’s pretty separated. Doesn’t bother me much, because we’ve always been like that and I love my group anyway. You’ve got a “No Man’s Land” in the middle, us on one side on the benches and the rest of the people on the other side, with some people playing football off to the left (coughcough Cedar coughcough).

I was talking to my friend – and the next minute, I hear clapping. And cheering, coming from our group.

I turn round, confused. “The hell? Why’re people clapping?”

Someone from another group started clapping. And another. And another. Next thing you know, every single person in the playground is clapping and shouting.

The sound was… Surprisingly invigorating. I don’t EVER consider my year a community because we’re so separated by popularity and that. It was just… Different, you know?

And nobody knew why they were clapping – at least nobody in the other groups did.

Turns out my friend Wren had put on a hat, and it looked like she had Justin Bieber hair. A guy… Alright, we call him Jesus. No religious offense intended at all – the whole group does, including my VERY religious friend Pine. I have no idea WHY we call him that – it’s just so engrained into us now that I don’t even think he answers to his real name when he’s around us. Well, Jesus started clapping.

And every single other person joined in.

It was bloody beautiful.

In other news, I had History with Birch today.

Bloody hell.

Turns out I actually DO fancy him. BALLS. The feelings were different from when I got messages from him but they were still there. I was just way, way more terrified.

I acted like a weirdo… I mean come on, I wasn’t even trying to hide it! I think I laughed so much that I nearly cried.

Something’s not right, though. And I don’t know what. I guess I just miss… Something?

Also – I hate corridors. They’re miserable.

I’ve got some awards to do in a min – bare with. Scary award much WOW.

Birch is too confusing; I don’t know how I feel about him? This post is turning into one of those lovestruck bullshit things AGAIN!

From Elm
PS: would my Patronus be a tree?

13 thoughts on “A Weird Sense of Community, Birch and Corridors

  1. Beware of showing your blog to anyone. Some poetry in exchange for a large part of your private life is a big deal. I assume, Red knows who your tree friends really are. Don’t show Red anything you’ve written that you wouldn’t tell him/her. Sorry, but I had to tell you this.

  2. I keep seeing Jesus in his car with his dad when I’m walking home. Whenever the window’s down we yell “Jesus!” At him, and high five him. ‘Tis great xD

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