The Quote Challenge: Day 2

Ey! 🙂

So as I said in yesterday’s long-arse post (BLARGH) – I got nominated for the Three Day Quote Challenge.

Thank you to the stars and back to The Storyteller AND Chitchat. for nominating me for this challenge! You two are brilliant 🙂

For the nominations, view yesterday’s post. Because I’m a lazy bastard, I lumped the awards together like a pro, so I’ve nominated 10 blogs for this thing. HEH. Wow.

I have to post 3 quotes, 1 each day, over 3 consecutive days. And this is day 2 (SERIOUSLY? Way to state the obvious, Elm).

My quote for today:

“Love isn’t restricted to the 2AM thoughts about them, and it isn’t restricted to what they can give you or what you can give them. It isn’t restricted to anything.”

Um, mighta made that up. Skills…

Hmm… I have a post coming up today but I’m not sure what to blog about. Would you rather read:

1. Something motivating and about a current issue
2. Something funny which happened today
3. An update on my (pathetic) love life?

I has the plans for each. MWAHAHA. Oh god I need to grow up.

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