EEK! I’m Kinda doing a Gig!

GUYS! I sent the email – you know, the thing I talked about in my previous post that I can’t be arsed to link to because I am a lazy twat? Yup – catch up on that if you haven’t already. But I’m so scared, it’s unreal.

But anyway! I’m going to be performing in what COULD be classified as a ‘gig’ tonight. It’ll be with 6 or 7 other singers, and I’m going to be singing one of my own songs and a cover (Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift).

AHA I’m rather nervous. RATHER nervous? I’m terrified!

Alright, I have to run. I need to skype Red for a few minutes, then eat, then go to the concert.

I’m wearing MAKEUP. ARGH! I have this weird thing on my eyelashes and I can’t open my eyes ANYWAY and it’s just awkward.

I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to read any blogs today 😦 SORRY!

From Elm

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