So. Odd and I made a blog!

It’s rather complicated to explain, but we call it an RP (roleplay) blog.

It’s set in the future – 2050 – from the perspective of two teenagers. Tath (me) and Moth (Odd).

A zombie apocalypse (or a similar thing) has just started to happen, and Tath and Moth are running. FOR THEIR LIVES. MUAAAHAAAAA!!


The words that Tath, especially, uses aren’t supposed to make sense right now. Words like VLM, or the person called Amre (pronounced Am-Ruh).

It would mean the world if you guys could go check it out and follow and like and all that jazz. It’s a fledgling blog right now – just started – but we want to see where this goes.

The blog is here.

Hope you enjoy!

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