Right, so I’m on work experience. I won’t say where because, y’know, internet safety (not that I’m the prime example of that).

It’s good, and I’m really enjoying it.

But guess what I have to do today?

Write a blog.

A blog about how I manage with things, being blindy and all – but still, a little blog.

My response to that?

“Oh, that should be interesting! I’ve never really written a blog before! How long should it be?”

Trying not to cry with laughter. Okay, Elm. Don’t burst out laughing in the middle of an office.

Go on, Elm, write a blog! GO ON!


25 thoughts on “HAAAAA!

  1. Sorry for self advertising shamelessly but Elm, I wrote a letter to the lost. The one you like.

    And I’m seriously sorry about calling you a bot. (I noticed your absence henceforth and thought of apologising properly) I didn’t mean it.

  2. Haha! Blogging seems like a lot of work.. who does that nowadays anyway? πŸ˜‰ Also, I’ve nominated you for the three day quote challenge. It’s my latest post.

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