It Wasn’t A Dodgy Dream Seriously

I’m more happy today than I was yesterday. Yeah, that was messy.

Casually playing the London Underground song at full volume (yes, plus the swearing) because I can’t go to work experience today. WHY? BECAUSE THE TUBE IS ON STRIKE. WELL DONE, GUYS! Really outdid yourself this time!

I woke up late today. By that, I mean at about 9. Yah, I know – rebel, right?!

But I had a dream last night.

Get your mind out of the gutter! There was some romantic shit involved, but NOT LIKE THAT!

I don’t remember much about it, honestly.

Birch and I were on a school trip. Before you ask – no, I don’t know where it was. It was very strange, because I remember being with my friend Willow and laughing, but nothing of what happened and where we went or what we did. I DID, but I’ve forgotten.

What I remember was two Birch’s. I THINK. Maybe it was the same person, but I sat in between the both of them.

So, the two Birch’s. The real one, and someone… Pretending to be him?

But it was still him.

And the ‘real’ Birch SEEMED like the fake one, dulled down in comparison. It’s weird because I knew the fake Birch wasn’t Birch, but he acted so like the Birch outside my dream that… I’m so confused, what?!

Let’s call the real one Birch A, and the ‘fake’ one Birch B.

So I fell in love with Birch B, apparently. And we ‘went out’. Like I said, I barely remember any of it. I remember being dragged off by Willow whilst trying to hold Birch B’s hand, shrieking like a madwoman. I also remember us discussing changing our relationship status on Facebook.

At some points, I knew it was a dream. I didn’t want to wake up because the dream was so, so amazing. I forgot the fake Birch was fake – maybe he WASN’T fake; I don’t know. I do remember thinking, ‘I want to tell my friends about this so much when I wake up.’

It’s weird now. There are these little snatches of thought I vaguely remember, like thinking ‘Birch B is the kind of person I would like to fall in love with’.

The thing I remember the most clearly was when the dream fast-forwarded to a school day, when I was talking to Red after the trip.

“Hey, can you check your drama class for Birch?”

“Yeah, he’s here.”

“No, not THAT birch… A different one, but he’s still Birch. Birch B”

Red seemed to know what I was talking about, but I remember feeling really confused.

The dream ended.

I have a horrible feeling this is supposed to be symbolic, but I don’t care. My warped mind comes up with the strangest things sometimes.

Other stuff happened, but I don’t remember it. You know when something’s just out of your reach?

Damnit, that was a screwed up dream.

Hope you enjoyed!

From Elm

15 thoughts on “It Wasn’t A Dodgy Dream Seriously

  1. Lmao I have crazy dreams all the time, but I can NEVER remember them well enough. Which pisses me off. Just as it seems it did to you. It probably is symbolic…but screw it.

    • I can’t even work out the symbollic meaning. I don’t Want to work it out. It was just a screwed up dream where I didn’t know who was the real Birch and who wasn’t. xD But yeah, I know what you mean. It just slips away from you.

      • Dreams are such trolls xD It does, it’s terrible (at least in my case, because my dreams are more interesting than my life).

      • Elm you’re influencing me! I had a super weird dream last night and I woke up dazed and spent a whole hour trying to work out the symbolism behind it, but every second a bit more of it slipped away and man it was frustrating…*sobs* I don’t dream about, you know, that stuff…I dream about earthquakes that kill everyone and potions that make grass turn purple and being slain by goblins in a garage…weird shit. So yeah, probably don’t want those to become a reality…except for the purple grass. That’s boss.

      • IKR xD Yeah actually. I was washing dishes in my sister’s room (wtf) and then this guy came in (I know him from school, but we’re not close, we talk occasionally) and then he like dumped a bunch of dishes into the sink and I got pissed at him and he was like “you’re worthless” or something like that and so I washed his dishes and then this red head (that’s all I remember about the guy) came in and said are you okay and I told him to f off (I think I’m not sure) because I wanted to be alone (or something) and then I was called for dinner and the dream ended. It was so weird.

      • It’s a whole new level of frustration! Yeah! We’ve got two members so far! Anyone willing to join?…*cricket cricket* No? That’s okay too.

      • Yeah! Now we act like we’re cool, take these shades *hands over sunglasses*

      • YEAH Elm you’re killing it! *whispers* Do you think we can pick up guys like this?

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