Crashing Back into the Awards World With A… Clap of Thunder?

I’ll give myself that one. That was clever. Now, I’ll stop gloating.

Because I’m a plank, I haven’t been accepting awards recently. Starting from – well, right now – I’m going to be doing them again. Annoyingly, I can’t do the awards I’ve been nominated for in the recent days because it’s just too much. But to those who DID award me anything – THANK YOU! You’re all amazing.

To reintroduce myself back into this award malarkey, I’ll be doing the Encouraging Thunder Award.

THE RULES (God, I’ve missed doing this)

1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Add the Encouraging Thunder logo to your blog. (Um… I ALWAYS break this rule).
3. Grant other bloggers the award.
4. Mention your purpose in blogging.
5. Thank the person who nominated you.

Thank you a million times to Finding My Opti in this Mist (geddit?) for nominating me for this! You are fabulous!

The people I nominate are:
1. Teenage Lunatics
2. Luna
3. theirishteenthoughts
4. Idiosyncratic Thoughts Over a Cup of Tea
5. Crystal

My purpose in blogging…

I’m not going to be selfless and say that I originally started blogging to help my readers. I didn’t. I want honesty from others, so I’ll be honest myself. I started so that I could have an outlet.

But my PURPOSE? I’d say it’s to write what I can. If that helps ANYONE, in any little way, that’s amazing. And I suppose I love to connect with my readers, and read other people’s blogs. I want to be remembered as someone who could write whatever she felt like and could be honest.

I don’t have a set purpose. Then again, maybe that IS my purpose: to see where blogging, and these posts, takes me.

18 thoughts on “Crashing Back into the Awards World With A… Clap of Thunder?

  1. hey I love your blog and think you’re great!! I was just wondering, as I just started blogging how you got people to read yours. I want to keep mine anonymous so I don’t want to share it on my social media but I do want people to read it. Thanks!!!!

  2. Hey I love your blog and think you’re great!! I was just wondering, as a new blogger, how you got people to start noticing and reading your blog?? I want to keep my blog anonymous so I don’t want to share it on my social media but I want people to read it!! Thanks you’re brill!!

    • What I’d say is to start reading other people’s blogs. Follow different tags that interest you, and comment and like through posts. That’ll get your name out there. Also – tag your posts with things. I tag mine with teen and teenager. Tell you what – I’ll take a look at your blog now. If you need any hep, just email me. I totally understand wanting to keep your blog annomymous; I have the same. But I’m really happy to help you πŸ™‚
      As well, don’t feel like you have to write specific things to get noticed. Write whatever YOU want to write; it is way more sincere.

  3. I love all your posts! They’re so interesting and real and help me keep my life in perspective! By the way, would you be interested in joining a book club? I made a post about it on my blog!

  4. Nice one Elm (referring to the purpose). I feel selfish but that’s nothing new xD Oh and thank you for nominating me *tosses flowers*

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