Tips for Years

So, Aiden nominated me for this pretty awesome challenge, which he found on a YouTube video – look at his post for more info.

Thank you, me ol’ chum πŸ™‚ You’re great.

The Rules:
1. Thank whoever nominated you (for the sake of being polite)
2. Give a list of tips/advice you’ve learnt over the years, going up to your age in numbers.
3. Nominate other blogs.

Elm’s Tips and Advice For Life

1. NEVER feel bad for thinking about yourself once in a while. You have to. It’s not selfish, so don’t think it is because then you’ll get in a loop.

2. That said, you have to establish a balance between helping others and helping yourself. If one starts to make you feel awful and stressed, give time to the other to balance yourself out.

3. When you’re going through some crap, try not to neglect your friends. They should understand if you don’t talk to them as much, but don’t completely ignore them because they’re there for you.

4. Don’t trap your feelings inside. Write them down somewhere, in a blog, or TALK to someone. It really does help; trust me.

5. If you want to do something, convince yourself you can. You need to do that FIRST, otherwise you won’t have the motivation.

6. Don’t feel guilty, or bad, for feeling a certain emotion. If you’re sad, you’re sad. If you’re happy, you’re happy.

7. People change – it’s a part of life – but you shouldn’t be expected to deal with it straight away. You NEED time, and give yourself that. Otherwise, it’s not fair on YOU.

8. When you do something wrong, don’t feel like crap if you can help it. Circumstances play a big part in what you do, but the wrong thing happened, and you can’t turn back time.

9. Try not to wish for “what ifs”. You get sucked into a whirlpool of “What would have happened if I’d done this?” Well, you didn’t. Simple as, as harsh as that sounds.

10. Everybody judges. You’re not immune, but that doesn’t mean people should shout at you for judging. You have the RIGHT.

11. Academics aren’t everything. A B may not be an A, but think about your PERSONALITY. People are lucky to have you as a friend and to many people, what you may lack in academia you MORE than make up for in being yourself.

12. It isn’t fair of people to demand respect when they give no respect in return. Remember that, so that you’re not constantly giving and NEVER receiveing.

13. If you feel a certain way towards someone – love them, hate them – tell them. It’s so, so painful to not know and think they hold feelings they don’t.

14. Don’t try to please people if they can’t be pleased. It’s a waste of your time.

15. Grab every opportunity you have with both hands, and don’t let go until you can’t hold on any more.

Hope you found that advice somewhat… Helpful?

The people I nominate are:

1. alternativesunnydays
2. Tiegan
3. Hann
4. thatknockoutchick
5. Sydney

Hope you enjoyed! πŸ™‚

15 thoughts on “Tips for Years

  1. I like your advice. Some pretty good points you make, especially the one about the past and how it’s over and you can’t really do anything about it anymore so you should move on, cause I often struggle with that one.

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