Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!!!

Three exclamation marks in a row is just so… It works, okay? IT WORKS!

So the Elm got nominated for another award (Yes, I feel like a narcissist).

Thank you about a million times to thatweirdbrowngirl for nominating me for this award! She’s amazing as hell, so go and check out her blog. Please?

The Rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog.
2. Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.
3. Nominate FOUR other bloggers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees and notify them of their nomination.

Let’s get the nominations out of the way, shall we? (I sound like some person in an office oh god)

My Nominations:
1. Books, Tea and a Onesie
2. Unfashionable Cupcake
3. Anonymously Alone
4. Teenage Conundrums

My questions from TWBG:

1) Which is the most beautiful book you’ve read up until now and what about it makes it beautiful to you?
Hmm… Probably Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley. It’s beautiful because of the way it’s put together, and the characters – the SITUATIONS are beautiful, but the ending was. The ending was why I’ll always remember that book, among other things.

2) Where are you from and what are you studying/working as?
I’m from England – I’m currently in school and I chose music, history, french and sociology for my options for GCSE. History wins by far.

3) List 5 things that make you happy!
My friends, blogging, reading, writing songs, talking to people.

4) Your fave movie/book/tv series that you love?
Ooh… Gotta say… Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. Classic, right?

5) What’s your current goal in life, as of now?
To live, to grab every opportunity I can, and to not be stressed.

6) 3 places you would love to visit and why?
Canada because I’ve never been there. Australia because my bloggy friends from there say it’s an amazing place. And, well, India, because I know barely anything about it.

7) Do you prefer Pizza/Burgers or Desserts? and why?
Dessert FOREVER! Because pizza or burgers are just so… Filling, and annoying to eat, but dessert will ALWAYS win.

8) 5 words that define you are..?
Creative, worried, loyal, temperamental, thoughtful. God I sound SO arrogant.

9) Is there something that you would want to change in yourself and why?
I want to be less clingy. It screws me over in the long run.

10) Define “Love”, in your own way, of course.
Love is when they’re always there. Love is when you stay up until 12, just talking to them and breathing and feeling happy. Love is when you can sit for hours and just think about them with no hate involved. Love is trust.

My questions to you:

1. What’s a musical instrument you wish you could play?
2. Do you find it easier to be taught something, or learn it yourself?
3. How close are you with other bloggers?
4. If you had the choice of family and friends, who would you pick?
5. If you could only dress in one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
6. Would you rather not be able to see, hear or speak, and why?
7. What’s your favourite line or scene from a book, film or TV show?
8. Do you think celebrities should be role models?
9. If you could, would you change the past?
10. What fascinates you the most?

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into my mind! πŸ™‚
From Elm

16 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award!!!

  1. I loved reading your answers! and no, you’re not arrogant, you are confident! And that’s the answer I would expect from someone awesome πŸ™‚ and if you do visit India, I’ll show you around haha πŸ™‚

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