The Curse of the 19th

Yeah, I know I posted half an hour ago, but… I mean I won’t be posting for over a week! I need to make up for lost time.

I got spurred on to do this by Katelyn who said, correctly, that I’d mentioned in a previous post about how many things have happened to me on the 19th.

And what’s the date today, kids? THAT’s RIGHT! It’s the 19th! So, here we go:

This isn’t a LONG list, but it has set my paranoia off:

19 November 2011: I was asked out by my first boyfriend, who was a complete twat. Remind me why I said yes to him?!

19 July 2013: I said yes to going out with my second boyfriend (he’d asked me out the previous day via a note). THAT relationship ended badly, so I view that day with a LOT of… Pain?

19 June 2014: when I came out to myself as bi, which caused me a lot of bad things afterwards.

19 November 2014: when I came out to Ash as bi. He was SO supportive, and that’s what’s painful.

19 March 2015: when Ash got back in contact with me after a VERY long period of silence. And I look back on that day with really horrible sadness.

It may only be 5 little things by there are probably more if I try to remember even more), but it’s caused me to view this day with suspicion. Or, maybe, paranoia. It might seem stupid, but one of my favourite phrases is: “ARGH! Everything happens on the 19th…”

Hope you enjoyed!

12 thoughts on “The Curse of the 19th

  1. That’s crazy. I remember I was a little paranoid this year since for the past three years something bad happened to me on the Wednesday of spring break.

    2012 – I accidentally called the cops for no reason, they showed up at my house and everything, and for about a year after everyone embarrassed me and made jokes about it. God, was I mortified.

    2013 – My family and I were in Mexico and we were scammed into buying a bunch of crap for over 300$ per person, so my mom paid like 600$-$700 on crap we never use. Worst of all, I lost my tiny silver turtle charm that costed us about 50$ in the busy streets of Mexico, which disappointed my mom and I.

    2014 – We were in Carlsbad, California and it would’ve been a good vacation, but something happened where I became extremely paranoid up until Julyish, and I was afraid I was going to hell (this was before I converted to atheism.), I was scared, etc. It was awful and I started having frequent disturbing thoughts everyday, which still happens occasionally.

    I guess you’re not alone on cursed days. Luckily nothing happened on the Wednesday of spring break last year.

      • Physically and externally, everything was fine, it was more of a mental thing that happened which started those thoughts. I’d think really crazy and stupid things, like having sex with people, bizarre theories that popped into my head, etc. Not fun shit.

  2. Damn. Yeah, the 19th doesn’t sound like a good day for you. I don’t have a set bad luck day, but I’m way too paranoid so it probably will develop sometime. Yay.

  3. Woah yours is a lot worse than my 19ths, but I used to get paper cuts on the 19th all the time when I was little. It’s such a weird thing to notice, but for some reason I did! It eventually stopped though. Hopefully your curse ends!!

  4. The 19th July is hell bad for me.
    Last year I lost my granny(maternal).
    Yesterday I had certain personal hell issues and then I got to know my best friend was suffering with terrible Food-Poisoning, facing alone all the situations in the Hostel and Hospital.

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