I Am the Stereotype

Alright – I can officially say that I am NOT fond of having a crush on a straight girl.

If you don’t know who Cassia is, read this first, because I like being helpful and linking posts πŸ˜€

I am almost 100 percent sure that she only likes guys. Last night, we walked down to the beach with my friend (I NEED a name for her!) and a Scottish girl to find our other friends from BASE (that’s the teen camp). They weren’t there, so we walked for a VERY long time up and down until we eventually gave up and went to the foam party.

Whilst we were walking on the beach, we were talking about our boyfriends or girlfriends or whatever. And me, being the… Weirdo that I am, did a little digging and found out that she’s KIND of with someone? She’s a “side-bae”, as she calls it. Eheh. YEAH woohoo!

I AM bothered. More bothered than I was with Farmer. I’ll get over it, though; the problem is that she’s so, so lovely.

The foam party was amazing, though. I got COVERED in foam (mainly because we all threw foam at each other) and we stayed for about an hour. I just let go of all my “urgh what am I doing?!” and jumped around and danced and held her hands. I haven’t got that close to a girl before when I’ve been aware that I had a “crush” on them.

After we got out, we walked back to our caravans (I took advantage of the fact that I can’t see to hold her hand heh pervert much).

She wasn’t at BASE today (this morning] but hopefully we’ll see her at the pool. I haven’t got ANY chance with her, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m going to enjoy the time I’ve got with her.

Anyway – how have you guys been doing? I haven’t been talking to people much recently but it’s hectic over in France.

From Elm πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “I Am the Stereotype

  1. Hope you’re having a good time over in France, it sounds like you are! How long are you over there for because you never know, you could do some more digging about the girl. Good luck and enjoy yourself:) like you said, enjoy the time that you’ve got with her!

  2. I suggest take things slow? Like, be sure to get to know her more. Please don’t stress!

  3. Haha, is this your version of YOLO Elm? Either way, I’m happy for you, that you’re having fun and all. I just hope you’re not too upset about Cassia, and that you can move on soon.

  4. Don’t be too upset, you can always get her Skype and phone number before going so you can chat! Hope you’re having a fabulous time there! πŸ™‚

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