No Matter What, We ARE a Community

So I’ve never done responses to anyone’s posts before, and I thought that now might as well be a time to start.

This is a response to Aiden’s post, so read that before you start this one. Even if you DON’T read this, read his post because it’s amazing.

He’s right.

We ARE a community. No matter what, there will ALWAYS be a network of bloggers, talking and sharing ideas and offering support – whatever we post, however we act, whatever we do, whoever we are.

And yes – it’s safety. It makes ME feel happy, knowing what I’ve got.

I’ve had THIS blog for 4 months, and already I’ve made so many friends.

Perhaps it’s MY turn to read Girl Online. Perhaps I’ve been putting it off.

I see bloggers talking on Twitter, in the comments of their posts, and on emails. Maybe I should get more involved, but I already have a safety net that means more to me than any material position I might have in life.

In conclusion, what Aiden says is what I think. He’s captured the mindset of so many of us – because though we’re separate, we’ll always have each other’s backs.

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