YEAH, I have Friends!

So, today I’m going to town with my bestest friendy eva, Odd. Did I just write that sentence?

Anyway. Usually, when we go to town, we end up getting into really odd (ha, HA) situations. We’re like the famous five but… Um, there are two of us, and we’re not annoying little kids, and we don’t solve mysteries… Okay, we’re NOT like the famous five at all.

I’ll give you examples of what usually happens:

She picked me up once and put me down on a wall and this woman was staring at us.

We went to the bookshop, read loads of blurbs, and fangirled and shouted with anger at the “mysterious, irresistible boy” clichรฉ. Why didn’t we get kicked out?

We were in the bookshop again and I found the errotic fiction section. That was…

She kicked my cane; it flew nearly into the road and nearly hit a little boy.

She always screams “RUN! THE POLICE ARE COMING TO GET US!”

There have been several awkward situations involving me not knowing where the shopkeeper’s hand is to put the money into.

Somebody dived out of the way of my cane – when I say dived, I do mean DIVED.

We’ve had several laughing fits and we’ve fallen over many times.

I’ll update you on what happens ๐Ÿ˜›

Wish me luck! Should be leaving in about 15 minutes because it’s a 35 minute drive or so.

From Elm ๐Ÿ˜€

34 thoughts on “YEAH, I have Friends!

  1. “Um, there are two of us, and weโ€™re not annoying little kids, and we donโ€™t solve mysteriesโ€ฆ Okay, weโ€™re NOT like the famous five at all.”

    Okay…that was hilarious. Have a great time!

  2. I actually laughed at this ! You too get on so well! I tagged you in this q and a thing. I dont know what to call it sorry!

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