I’m going to say this straight out.

If you are offended by pictures of penises and vaginas, DO NOT go on to the teen tag.

A blogger who is unfortunately well known to me, and to a lot of us, has returned once more from being banned, several times. He has gone under names such as malenude, 11inchhung and alwaysnaked – and now, hugemonstercock. There is also a site by the name of Adultville who has posted a picture of a vagina, on the teen tag.

If you look on these sites and are negatively affected, I’m very sorry. You shouldn’t ever have to feel like that.

I am naming these sites because this needs to stop.

This needs to stop because this nearly reduced my friend to tears.

This needs to stop because people are being affected by this, in ways that the sick, twisted creators of these sites cannot imagine.

This needs to stop because these people have been abusing others.

This needs to stop because THIS IS ILLEGAL. You are breaking the law.

I was warned against posting this because these people may start sending me abuse. I do not care. People need to be warned of this – and I may not be the best person to warn people of this – but I am saying this nonetheless.

If you want to post these pictures, mark your site as mature. Put a warning ON YOUR SITE. And most of all, do NOT post this on the teen tag, where people who are UNDER AGE will be exposed to things that they don’t want to see.

If you ARE reading this, you probably will just carry on because doing this kind of thing is your goal. But I hope you know that this is disgusting.

Even if it makes no difference, I’m going to be reporting that content. I’m not a knight in shining armour. I’m doing what I need to do to make people feel less uncomfortable and less sickened.

I can’t see those pictures, and I have no idea what effect this has on my friends because I can’t experience the same thing that they are experiencing. What I CAN see is their reactions. What I CAN see is that people don’t want this.

Let me say this again: this is illegal. To send nude pictures to those that are underage is breaking the law.

I’m not being very responsible right now by posting this, but at least I can admit that.

This has been going on for a long time, and it needs to stop.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Reblogged this on Every Word You Say and commented:
    As a lot of you know, I’ve dealt with this guy before. He posts sexually explicit images in the “teen” and “high school” tags, and he asks young girls to contact him. Obviously this is not only disgusting, but it is also illegal. I just want to warn my readers, many of whom use the “teen” tags a lot, that this guy is back.

  2. omg I just saw that too and was so uncomfortable because I’m at the library . But thanks for warming other bloggers about it , that’s really nice and cool of you 🙂

      • I saw the posts (with zoom turned on fgs) and it’s awful for ME, I just pray that kids even younger don’t see it!

      • Well it wasn’t intentional, I have zoom on to read the flipping posts. I scrolled past really quick, I don’t actually know where the report button is so if other people could do that it would be useful!

      • They need to make it more obvious. And I feel like we should be able to block things like that without authorisation I just ugh

  3. Thanks for doing this, people need to be warned, I will also make a post so people don’t have to look at the disgusting content. Why do people think we want to see that anyway!

    • I don’t know 😦 And it’s really triggering for some people, also. And Yes, make a post on it – people need to know about this so it won’t hurt them.

  4. wow, that’s pretty disgusting. if i ever see this person’s content i’m defo gonna be heading straight for the report button. thanks for the heads up 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Hiya! Everyone go over to elms blog and reblog this post! She’s right, this needs to stop! I’m lucky enough to not have witnessed what others have and it’s down right revolting!

    I hope you will help stop these sick-in-the-head people, for the sake of others! Thank you!

    Biya!! :

  6. Reblogged this on Plethoric Thoughts and commented:
    I haven’t seen this yet since I rarely go to the teen tag (Mehe). But Elm’s right, this HAS to stop. It’s sick (in the worst way), disgusting and completely illegal.

  7. Oh God, this guy followed me and liked posts for a while and then commented asking me for my age and telling me to look at his site… I reported him immediately. I’m so angry and upset that he’s back, he could really mess up some young girls. :/ I hope it all ends soon.

  8. Reblogged this on thecrazyperfectionist and commented:
    Oh god, this is horrible. Three of my blogger friends have experienced this so far, and it really needs to stop. Please spread the word, guys. The kind of sick people that live on this planet… it makes me shudder. 😦

  9. OMG! I saw these pictures too! And yeah, I agree completely with your post, and I hope this stops soon!!! It’ just very disgusting, who does that?! It sometimes makes not visit the tag teen again. I hope your post gets to those people and make them think about it!!!! Well done!!! *claps and cheers*

  10. Hi. Thank u so much for posting this. I am Ari’s mum and as she is only 11, I moderate her blog and and what she can view. Because of u r warning I have blocked this stuff from her feed. Thank u for not accepting this and for looking out for the younger bloggers that r out there.
    Vikki 😊

  11. Oh my gosh I’m so glad you confronted this. We mentioned this in our skype call…it’s disgusting and so terrible of people to do.

  12. Oh my gosh! This is horrible! I’m appalled right now… How could someone do this and not see how IMMENSELY wrong this is!? Thank you so much for the warning. This is really sickening.

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