We’re scared 

Hey everyone, this is Raven (not my real name, just trying to fit the nature themes on this blog!) I’m Elm’s friend and I’m typing for her on her phone, but she’s right next to me. 

Basically, we have some fair banter as friends, and somehow we ended up discussing a documentary Elm had seen, which was about a boy who claimed to have memories of a past life. In this film the boy and his family go to the place he claims to have come from and find out all his stories are completely legitimate. Now Elm and I are basically a bit confused, is there a scientific explanation for this. (We are slightly creeped out) 

36 thoughts on “We’re scared 

  1. It’s reincarnation. I think I saw that a few years ago or something like that. The boy was only 2 and he told everyone stories about a past life. I don’t believe it,to be honest.. 😕

  2. That is weird. But in 7th grade I was doing a Spanish project for day of the dead and I found a girl with my name exactly backwards and my birthday that looked just like me, but she was born in the 1600s and died in a library fire whe she was 16.

  3. Hello Raven!
    Its what you want to believe really. I read about that boy just recently. I do believe in reincarnation, to am extent, tgatcwe may have been here before, in a different form.
    But don’t be scared… Its up to you to take it sceptically, or to believe.!

    • Haha, it’s Elm here 🙂 Thanks, Ritu. Raven and I just had a freakout and we have NO idea if we believe in it or not. Ah well – my philosophy would be not to worry about it. I guess that we just have one life that we remember, no matter any past lives that might exist.

  4. Woah, freakyy! I think this is reincarnation. I once read a book like this, where a boy started to act like he was a knight in modern society. He claimed that he was Arthur:/ Anyways, what’s the name of this documentary?

  5. I think I saw something about this once. Either way I think it’s freaking cool. I would be scared half to death but I would love being able to remember stuff like that. This has nothing to do with it, but I can kind of hear things other people can’t. And it freaked me out at first. But now I’m used to it and it’s really something.

      • Like when he was around 2 he said ‘bag’ when pointing at a picture of my great-great-grandmother, who apparently always lost her bag (I didn’t know that either since I’ve never met her, but my mom told me). He could’ve never known that, so it’s really creepy (he’s a cutie pie though, not like some scary kid in a horror movie haha)

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