The Elmobile’s Up and Running Again

Riiight, so some of you who’ve read my previous posts (as in the ones before the summer) know that when something bad happens, I’m a right miserable cow. But then, usually, I bounce back again after everyone gives me support and is so nice.


That’s right, kids; I feel much better. Er. Let me explain.

Thanks, guys, for everything recently. I hope you can get used to my up-and-down posts.

As much as I haven’t seemed TOO upset, recently, this whole weight’s been smashing down on me and I’ve been feeling un-motivated and angry all the time. For now, that weight’s lifted. It will come back, at some point, but I won’t dwell on it.

My good moods often don’t last long, but I don’t honestly care right now. I’m taking this for what it is and enjoying it until the next hurdle comes along. That’s what you Have to do, isn’t it?

I’m probably in a good mood because of the 2 hour skype conversation I had earlier with someone I haven’t seen in over a year, which was wonderful.

I’m still SO stressed about school, and confused about S and everyone – my feelings, and that. Eh, well.

What’s up with you guys?

From Elm 🙂

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