A Ickle Update

There is a purposeful grammar mistake in that title and IT’s MAKING ME ANGRY!

This is just a tiny post to let you guys know what’s been happening, as a prelude to my proper post that will appear sometime soon. Back-to-back. God, I’m such a rebel.

Sorry for the clinical nature of this post. I don’t want to embellish it with fancy words and too much emotion, because my emotional levels are fucked up right now.

I called ChildLine yesterday after the worst freakout I’ve ever had over my maths homework. Talked to them about the whole Ash situation and EVERYTHING that goes through my head and it helped. Still need to process what they said, but I’m coping.

Broke down completely in maths today because it got too much; I’d been kept behind because I found the work difficult (so did the others) but I was the last one left more or less. It wasn’t exactly because of the maths but I couldn’t explain that to the teachers, and so I was just there blubbering like a twat. I won’t explain what happened after but my friend helped me. I honestly don’t really want to talk about it, for once, and I’m really sorry 😦

I’m okay now. My mind isn’t screwing up on me. All I need to do now is do some of my homework (A LOT of it which is stressing me out), probably play some games and then write that post I was muttering about at the beginning of this one. I has the planz for it.

Thanks for supporting me through all this shit. You’re the best and I mean that, damnit.

Love from Elm πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “A Ickle Update

  1. Hey, don’t worry. Everything will turn out right in the end, and I know you can get through this. You wanna know why? You’re strong and confident and amazing and you’ve been through so much already. It’ll be fine :3 xx

  2. I am happy you are feeling better! Maybe it is a good thing you don’t want to talk about it? I am sorry you had a freakout (I had a little one today too) but I am so glad you are feeling better and had someone to talk too! And I am also glad you used the thing (CildLine?) that you signed up for! I hope this is an easy ride to the top for you from now on πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Elm. Listen to this. There’s always going to be another mountain, and sometimes it’s going to be a mountain of complicated math and other crappy things nobody can deal with.
    Life’s a climb. (Oohh remember when miley was hannah montana? :P) but the view’s great. Especially with getting all that math homework done with.
    Stay calm and strong ❀

  4. I am so glad you called that line, I once called a line and it helped to get things back into perspective, a little. Elm, I understand how hard it is, the pressure of studies 😦 I hope it gets better. We will get out of this together ❀

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