The Happiness Project: The Little Things

So, my good friend Sydney organised this wonderful thing, called The Happiness Project, and it’s my week to do this. I don’t think it’s too late to sign up; you get assigned a week, and you make posts about the things that make you happy, to make yourself and others feel happy.

Today, I’m going to talk about the little things. Not the huge, earth-shattering events, but the tiny things in life when you just think, “You know what, these little moments are what I live for.”

I’ll make a list, quickly, and maybe talk a little about each one.

Saying a little phrase to your friends that’s an inside joke between you
Just the knowledge of what it means, and the memories to go along with it, ALWAYS lift my spirits. I mean, some include “At least we’re not toffs”, Alberto, I’m a stalk, that sort of thing. They just put a smile on my face.

The rain
You know when rain’s just pattering at your window? I love it. It’s sort of the rhythmic sound of it, I think.

Walking in the park, and just listening
You’ve got grass beneath your feet, birds singing and it’s so bloody peaceful. When I’m walking, like that, I genuinely think I’m doing great, and all the crap that happens just flies out of my mind.

Finding a chord, or a little section of a tune, that just works and fits
I love songwriting, so much, and when I just get hit with that “YES!” moment, I feel like I can do anything. Even if it’s one chord, or a tiny section of a tune that’s incomplete, it’s still something.

I hope you liked that! There’s more, but for now, that should suffice.

What little things make you happy? Let me know; I bet we have some in common.

From Elm πŸ™‚

44 thoughts on “The Happiness Project: The Little Things

  1. This has just cheered up my day a bit. Currently on a horrible school trip for this lecture and everyone is being so mean. Thank you for making me feel a bit better

  2. I loved this post! Can’t wait to read the rest!!! I didn’t know you liked songwriting, or at least I forgot if you did tell me! That’s so cool!!!

  3. The songwriting one is on point. (Well all of them are, to be honest). For me, it’s harmonies – I sing with one of my best friends and we improv lots of harmonies. When they click, it just feels so good! X

  4. I know you’re mostly friends with my co-blogger, Nikki, but she’s a great gal, so all her friends are usually good gals too. πŸ™‚ So I had to meet you. I love this post, sometimes the little things hit us even more than the big ones, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

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