Our Own Spheres in an Endless Void – Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, Week 1

So, originally, I was going to post this separately and make a separate post for the BGTB, but I thought that this fitted in with it well. Ateenagediaryonline, I hope you don’t mind!

Basically, the BGBT is a project set up by ATDO, for new bloggers, and it’s really great 🙂 This week, we were asked to do an intro to blogging, and this is my… Intro, of sorts. It’s a bit different, and I’m sorry:

When I first started blogging, well over a year ago now, I just thought that blogging was a means to an end: I even thought that when I got my second blog. I viewed it as just a place to get your thoughts out – a flat plain to walk on, connected to other planes but remotely – you could walk into other pplains, but it wasn’t permanent. You just had your own space for ONLY YOU. I hope these analogies are working.

It’s coming up to my 7 month anniversary on THIS blog – and really, I believe this one’s the only one that has mattered to me. I’m not going to do a monthly post, because I think that doesn’t work for me, but I’ve realised several things over the last 7 months.

Don’t think of the world – the blogging world AND the real world – as a flat surface. View the world as an endless void, stretching in ALL directions; it’s 3D and you’re part of it. And instead of a plain that’s flat, imagine spheres.

The spheres can be as big as you like – the world’s endless, after all. And it’s not based on popularity or the amount of followers you’ve got – it’s how you feel about yourself. My sphere, for instance, would be quite small, because I’m like that.

I’m part of the teenaged community on here – if there IS such a thing – because I’m a teenager. I’d argue that we DO have a community: a united one, but we’re not separated from the “adult” community. We’re all linked. I’m a life blogger, but I freely talk to fashion, beauty, book and ANY other type of blogger. We’re all connected by one thing, after all.

Our spheres aren’t segregated by who we are. No matter WHAT your purpose in blogging is, people aren’t going to shun you. What would be the point? I’ve tried to find as many new bloggers as possible, so that they don’t feel like their sphere is just floating in the void with no goal, but it’s up to you guys to realise that you’re not alone. There’s always going to be someone who understands you – who can step into your sphere for a bit.

Maybe your sphere is your blogging site. Maybe your sphere is your readers and commenters and followers. MAYBE your sphere is just the idea that people understand you; maybe it personifies YOU and everything you stand for. Whatever it is, it’s just as valid. YOU’RE just as valid.

To new readers and new bloggers alike, I hope this made you think just a little. Maybe I’m just shouting in my own sphere, or maybe I’m shouting into the void, because I’m not separated by walls or URLs or followers or who I am.

Thank you so much for reading. I’d love to know – what does blogging mean to YOU? How do you see it?

From Elm 🙂

43 thoughts on “Our Own Spheres in an Endless Void – Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, Week 1

  1. To me blogging means being a community – I never expected the WordPress peeps to be so supportive but everyone was! Blogging means being supportive and being part of a community, something larger than yourself which is amazing. And if you give support you will always get it back when you need it. Thanks for being an amazing supporter Elm! 🙂

    • Thank you for that 🙂 And YOU’VE always supported me, so thank you so much. I totally agree with you on blogging – it’s just so wonderful how supportive everyone has been.

  2. Blogging is a way to get my word out because I don’t say much, face to face. People view this sort of thing as typing without thinking (hence twitter arguments and trolls) but I see it as an opportunity to think even more before I type… and I get to type about whatever I want!

    • EXACTLY! I think that’s a really great way to see blogging – especially the part about beiing able to think before you type. Because when you type, you can express yourself clearly, without being terrified of talking face-to-face

  3. I see blogging as a blank lake. You can throw anything at it, but it won’t ever throw it back on you. So it won’t ever judge you for what you’ve confided in it if that makes any sense.

  4. Okay, I’m totally creeped out right because I just posted like five minutes ago about the exact same topic. Oh, maybe this is also part of ateenagediaryonline’s bloghing project? I think I saw your name between the participants… That’d explain it.
    Anyway, I think you have done a beautiful job describing the blogosphere! It’s so real. It’s so warm and comfy in our little community. Y’all are amazing people and I really really wish there were more people like you in my school, country, gah world in general.
    I’ve been blogging for exactly 3 months now (woohoo!) and it’s been great. I hope it will get even better from here.

  5. Wow *claps like shia la bouef in the actual cannibal shia la bouef* This is amazing ! I am actually blown away because I get what you mean! Amazing. I agree we are a community that all support each other and I love that about blogging! You can get help from anyone and that’s the best experience!

  6. Elm, you have done it again! This is such a neat way of looking at things. I always love to hear about your perspective, because it’s usually interesting and different and makes me rethink mine. I’ve always thought of blogging as a big fuzzy blanket under which you can be who you really are and talk about what you want to say, and there’s always some kind of audience if you look for it. Blogging is definitely like a blanket, but I like your explanation better! It makes me want to draw/design it haha even though I don’t even know how that stuff works….

    • You know what would be cool? If EVERYONE drew their perspective of blogging. I’d do it, but I can’t; it would be really interesting to find out what other people thought. Thinking of it like a blanket just makes me feel cozy.

      • Haha. Well, I could always do it for you! XD If I knew how to design it would be way cooler. Aw, I think so too! But that’s how I feel when I think about my blogging friends. Cozy! I know that I can say anything and they won’t judge me, you know?

  7. Blogging, to me, means a place to share your thoughts. It’s an endless void, to echo your words, and place to spill out thoughts and ideas and talk to others on topics in a well-developed and learned matter that isn’t accessible to you irl. It’s a lifestyle, an obsession, an addiction, and, most importantly, a passion. (Btw- I liked your spheres analogy :D)

  8. When i started i never thought i would be on it daily because i started for fun. But meeting the world and being part of the community made me happy and interested and comfortable so the community means a lot to me.
    Blogging is also my way of writing about things i want to remember in the future and to let out my complaints and feelings.

  9. How do I sign up for this??? Or is it too late? Loved your idea of the spheres by the way. In a way, we’re all kind of interlocking in each community… And yes, the support from readers and other bloggers is amazing!

  10. I feel like blogging is basically just like this amazing online community of friends and I love the fact that none of us even know each other but we support each other, btw I have got a cool idea that I need to talk to you about but I will do it though Skype so you know look out for that : )

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