Guest Post – Halloween

(I did a guest post not too long ago and it was so lovely, so here’s another one!)

This post is by the amazing and fantastic Hideaway Girl. She’s a really lovely person, and her blog is great!

* * *

Hi, everyone! I’m Hideaway Girl and I’m writing on Elm’s blog post today as we are starring on eachothers blogs today 🙂 As Halloween is tomorrow, we are talking about Halloween if you want to see Elm’s blog post, click here! But before you do that, read this one 🙂

My family has always celebrated Halloween in some way since I was five. My dad finds Halloween annoying because he hates answering the door (which he doesn’t do anyway) but this year he is going out with his friends. My mum loves Halloween, she decorates the house and loves to give sweets to the trick or treaters. I’m British so Halloween isn’t really big here but we still get a few people knocking on our doors.

When I was five to 10 years old, I use to go to this inside playground in my town where they would hold Halloween parties. I would always go with my mum, my brother and one of friends who had leukaemia. I would pick a victim (always a boy) and chase them around the ball pit. I was quite a flirt. The place where I would go was called Sharkies and they always hold really fun competitions. One of the competitions that I would always want to win was Colour in the Pumpkin, I never won and I would always cry. When I was 7, my friend (the one who had cancer) won and I was so mad! I use to get really jealous over A as I didn’t really know how ill she was. My mum got really angry one year and took me home.

We went to sharkies every year until A died and we stopped. I always feel a bit weird near Halloween. I’m happy but I’m not. Like I have happy memories of A and Halloween but I sometimes feel a bit… disappointed. I sometimes find myself still thinking that A is alive but then I have to remind myself, she isn’t here.

Anyway, I have a really nice picture of my brother, A and me standing and smiling into the camera. A and I are Witches and my brother is a skeleton. It always makes me smile. I don’t think I have it anymore because we gave it to A’s mum.

So I’ve got a list of what costumes I went as:

1. Witch for like 3 years

2. Devil when I was 10.

3. Prom queen when I was 11

4. Vampire when I was 12 and 13

5. This year, I am going as the queen of hearts.

Ellephant (my best friend) and I are going trick and treating this year. She has sorted out all of my costume of me as I’m rubbish at costume ideas and stuff like that. She has also started a blog and I think we are posting Halloween blog posts. I’m so very happy for being able to post on Elm’s blog and thankyou for reading this post. If you would like to see what I also do, click here and I’ll see you soon!

Hideaway Girl xxx

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