“Who the HELL is Gemma Baristol?!”

Oh god.


Sigh. Well done, ya moron.

This just popped into my head, because I was CHECKING said blogging email. Because, y’know, people email me on it… I have friends… Okay, no.

My heart nearly stopped when I got the “Wtfffffffff??!!” reply back from my dad, so my mind went: ‘Okay, Elm! Whatcha gonna do?’

And my brain decided this:

Um, sorry! Yeah, Gem’s this girl from my school… She was having trouble with her email and wanted me to help her. Sorry again!”



A few weeks later, dad asked me who Gem was again as an offhand comment.

“UGH, her! Nah, I really don’t like her; she’s SO ANNOYING.”


For the record, my name is nowhere CLOSE to Gemma Baristol. Why Gemma Baristol anyway – basically, it was the name I used for my old blog, and I had SEVERAL identity crises because of that. So, the name stuck.

(It’s embarrassing because I’ll still sometimes answer to Gemma, cause y’know Gemma is me and stuff and I’ll just stop now).

GUYS, if you use a fake name, come up with a better excuse than I did. Because I can’t lie for shit.

Hope you enjoyed reading that… Thing.

From Elm or Gemma or whatever πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on ““Who the HELL is Gemma Baristol?!”

  1. I’m sorry for laughing 😁😁 okno im not.
    Your excuses can’t be lamer than mine.
    ‘Why do we have to go to that cake shop on your birthday? Pfff no it’s not because it’s like your birthday party or anything, it just happens that I forgot my wallet and phone in there, what a coincidence…’
    Lol i just hope he bought it

  2. Oh my goodness you just made my day! Again! I personally have no idea what would I do.. Probably I would came up with even more unrealistic excuse, like I don’t know., the internet is full of dangerous people, so I use fake email adress to protect myself.. I am telling you, you actually pulled it off quite well πŸ™‚

  3. HAHAHAHA Don’t worry Elm I am just as bad a liar as you are! I have no idea what excuse I would come up with if I accidentally emailed my parents off my blogging email! I thought your dad knew you blogged though?

  4. Ohh, once my mum saw some stuff on my e-mail when she was eing nosy that she didn’t approve of, I was just like ohh, that’s not me, It’s my friend Serafina (not really, don’t know any such name, its just one I got from the lion king!!) Because me and my group have a group e-mail we share, and it was just with my name, cos’ like i am the most amazing (not really, we’re all equal!!). I am kinda like, a great liar, when it comes to my brother, sister mum, or dad, cos’ you kinda have to be in my family!! Otherwise, outside home, I never lie, unless its april fools, or I am playing a random prank on one of my friends, then I’ll tell the truth afterwards!!!
    lol, sorry about that!!

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