A Weird but Pleasant Day

So, like the title says, I’ve had a bit of a strange day – nothing “Strange” happened, just a bunch of tiny things.

I got my history coursework (first question of it) back and I got 16 out of 16. So I screamed and slammed my hands down on the desk, which was REALLY embarrassing but so worth it. And Birch – the guy I sit next to and who I used to be OBSESSED with before the summer (oh my god that’s embarrassing because he’s kind of a twat) – got 14 out of 16.

Here’s where the weirdness starts.

I was congratulating him, because I’m so damn proud of what he got; he couldn’t stop yelling “YES FAM!” and things to that effect, because we both thought we’d get shit marks. I remember him saying “This is the first A star I’ve ever got in anything that counted”. But he was being strangely nice.

A bit of context – before the summer I told him how I felt, and then after the summer he wasn’t cold towards me, but it wasn’t the same. But today, it was – but goddamn, I’m so glad I got over my “crush” LONG before this. I could never have had serious feelings for Birch, and I understand that now. Kinda makes you laugh, you know? I’m just thinking of where I am now, where I’m going out with the most amazing boy I could ever meet and DAAAAAMN, Birch pales in comparison to that. By a long shot.

The niceness – it was weird. He was actually congratulating me properly, like punching me on the arm and saying “God, well done Elm!” (HOLY FUCK I nearly wrote my real name) By punching I mean tapping me, but shh I’m a whimp… It was just unexpected, but I got absolutely no “Omfg LOLOLOLOL BIRCH LIKE WAS SOOOOOO NICEEEE TO ME xD” that I got before the summer; it was just a “Aww, he’s being a nice friend, whatever,” feeling.

PSH, though, he was nice throughout the whole lesson. Not that he wasn’t nice before, he WAS, but it was like the old Birch had resurfaced.

In fact, so many people were really nice to me today. Maybe I just didn’t notice it before, but what usually happens is I seclude myself but today, I noticed people just being nice and saying “Well done!” to me. It kind of shocked me to realise people actually cared? This girl, who I used to hate, helped me out in sociology with a quiz we had to do, and didn’t talk to me like she used to, like I was stupid.

I did my french today, as well, and managed to remember all my coursework. My friend Fern didn’t feel like she did so well, but she consoled herself with the fact that she did better than Ash, who wrote nothing.

As in he literally wrote NOTHING. If we were friends, I’d happily give him my draft so he’d get an idea of what to do, but HAHA, that’s never happening again. It was so weird, though, to find out he wrote NOTHING AT ALL.

DAMN, that was a strange day; one of my friends met his girlfriend for the first time which was fucking adorable.

How was your day, anyway? Do you ever get days where you’re like “This was such a great day, but SO weird.”

From Elm ๐Ÿ™‚

34 thoughts on “A Weird but Pleasant Day

  1. Sounds like a good day then ๐Ÿ™‚ Birch actually sounds really sweet and nice, probably why you started crushing on him in the first place! There’s boys like him in my class, they’re complete idiots, but somehow they always manage to be nice to me and make me smile.

  2. Seems like a pretty damn good day. I had one of thode days recently. And before I went to sleep I thought to myself, this has been a suprisigly good day, for no specific reason haha. Lots of weird, nice things = good day haha I don’t even know where I’m going with this bye lol xx

  3. OMG!!theres this girl in my class, and she is my friend not close one though. She teases me a lot to the point I start crying, and I rarely cry, and I am ok with the rest of the class, so theyre always likedo you want me to punch her in the face, or saying something nice, but I am like sooo embaressed, but i dont wanna seem rude, ….awkward situations….and then again, she is also really nice to me, and tells me secrets she wouldn’t tell her best freidns even, so I am lke maybe she can be a good friend. Then the cycle starts again, and I dont know wtehr to be her friend or not. what do you think? please tell me!!!i am always like, I will give her a nother chance, which kinda gets to infinity chances, but yeah, its making me mad!!! I will stop now cos i am rambling!!! Glad u had a good day, congrats with your results, literally soo happy for you!!!
    bye friendie!!!

  4. A weird but good day… yeah, I think I get what you mean. I’m so glad you can be friends with Birch now, maybe that’ll lift something off of your shoulders? Also, “now I’m going out with the most amazing boy I could ever meet” – that’s so sweet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ah, if only we could know from the beginning that we aren’t going to feel anything for that person in a couple months before we crush on them…

  6. Congrats on that perfect score!!! And glad you enjoyed your day ๐Ÿ™‚ Its true though, weird-unusual-unexpected things happening can sure put a smile on my face!

  7. 16 out of 16 in History?! SAME!!! I got it back and freaked out because I thought I had done terribly! It’s great that Birch was being nice today ๐Ÿ˜€
    And I have my Spanish coursework tomorrow aaaah :/

  8. That’s such a good mark well doneeeee! I think I did a different coursework because mine was out of 20 but I had to stay after school for 4 hours editing to get an A* (Ha. Ha. Well done me.) BUt congrats fam.I also have French coursework on Friday and Spanish tomorrow ewewewewew. Tbh about half my Spanish class will probably write nothing haha

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