Nous Sommes Avec Vous

I have no words.

I can’t write about this. It would just be wrong, because I’m not directly affected by what happened in Paris last night. I’m disgusted and horrified, but I’m trying to get through it by remembering the amazing day I had today.

Honestly, though? I don’t know what’s wrong with the world. Some people are fucked up. SO fucked up.

These were innocent people.

I can’t write about this. The best I can do is – well, nothing. I’d say I would pray, but I believe in no God. I won’t say things to make people feel better. So, the least I can do is to not be scared, and to not give in, and to stand – at least in my heart – with those who HAVE been affected.

France, et la monde, je suis avec vous. Toujours, je suis avec vous, parce que nous sommes tous ensemble.

13 thoughts on “Nous Sommes Avec Vous

  1. It makes me sick. Honestly the number of times I’ve cried today, and I’m not even in any way involved. I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly see such horrific actions as a victory, or a success. The world needs to get its act together. Now.

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