Blogging Platforms – Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, Week 2

So, it’s week 2 of Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, set up by my amazing friend ateenagediaryonline, and this week’s topic is blogging platforms. And because I’m hopelessly inexperienced at that – okay, let’s just talk about that!

I’m a WordPress girl, no doubt about it. I LOVE the community, and the layout, and it makes sense. In my head, at least, I can get around it and I know what’s up and down.

And I mean, Blogger scares the shit out of me. Like it actually SCARES ME because the unknown is terrifying. But y’know, I think it’s because my google account is linked to my real name, and har har har NO.

Tumblr. Do not even get me started on Tumblr. I won’t go all arrogant-wordpress-is-so-proper-blogging on you, because that’s only me part of the time. But Tumblr. It’s good for bringing people together, and making people feel happy, but I’m scared of it. (Big bad Tumblr monster or whatever)

You know, depending on what kind of blog you want, you’d use different platforms. This is just my take on the challenge. So, as un-biasedly as possible:

WordPress: For the community and possible support whilst still retaining the blogging aspect of it; you can do a LOT on this site – okay I need to STOP with the biased nature…

Blogger: I think that’s more for appearance’s sake. So, I’d use it if I wanted to showcase my writing PROFESSIONALLY.

Tumblr: Hahahahahahaaaaaa!
But seriously, Tumblr’s great for helping people. Can it even be considered a blogging platform?

SUCH a shit post, Elm! *Claps*

You can’t judge a platform by a few people that’re on it.

Oh my god, I sound like such a judgemental prick!

From Elm πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Blogging Platforms – Beginner’s Guide to Blogging, Week 2

  1. I actually did consider Tumblr very seriously when I decided to start blogging. However, my friends told me to get on WordPress. Man. Aren’t I glad I did.

  2. Pfff, I keep hearing people say that Blogger looks the most professional, but I don’t think it does… or maybe I’ve just seen too many of the crappy designs? I don’t know.

    It’s probably hard to be taken seriously as a blogger on tumblr because so many people use it to repost content, so then everyone assumes that’s what you’re there to do as well!

  3. YES! Tumblr is too judgemental for me (or at least, it seems that way) and it seems so full of perfectly photographed and indie-ly dressed hipster girls that I can never be like. WordPress forever! xx

  4. I created a tumblr account and then had a look around and just thought wtf am I doing here, I don’t fit in at all, and came scrambling back to WordPress πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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