Finding Form Room Fiascos, etc

Today started off TERRIBLY (because, y’know, I felt horrendous) but it slowly got better as the day wore on, specifically at lunch.

That’s mostly down to the awesomeness that is Red – HEY YOU, if you’re reading this, let me know.

I totally forgot where my form room was – after lunch, we have 20 minutes of form and then our fifth lesson. So I kept on asking people like Wren – “Hey, where’s this room? No, that’s not form, it’s the room my form’s not in, yeah, no, okay! So it’s NOT up that staircase?”

The bell went, I freaked and blackmailed Red into helping me (actually he offered shh). Our conversation went a little like this:

“Yeah, so I know where my form room is.”


“It’s up the first staircase.”

“Do you mean the first staircase in the languages corridor, or the one before the junction?”

“Um…” About a 30 second pause. “That one.”

“ELM…” And then a lot of laughter.

“It’s the one that – you know when you get into the corridor and it’s that staircase? Yeah, not that one.”

We EVENTUALLY found it, but my inarticulacy was astounding and I think I cried.

Then came our awful form photo where we stood outside – I was so short that I had to stand right at the front and I just couldn’t string words together when I was trying to ask “Where do I stand… Wait wait so like do I go there or there ROWAN WHAT THE HELL?!” Okay I didn’t actually TALK to Rowan because Rowan’s scarily intelligent and I can’t speak to the majority of people in my form.

Also, I found out today that Red had messaged Aspen yesterday and when I found out I started shrieking (so did Wren I think).

Yup, today’s been a – an okay day, with MASSIVE points of “Ugh just no”, but it turned out okay.

How was yours?

From Elm πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Finding Form Room Fiascos, etc

  1. I’m glad your day has been okay! You deserve it! My day hasn’t been too good…I had 2 panic attacks which lasted like 20 mins each and only managed 2 lessons ugh 😦

  2. hmm… that’s an interesting day you had there. My day was sorta good, I hung out a lot with my fam, so it was ok. πŸ™‚

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