SO I forgot I was able to write on this

Hey guys, guess who? *Insert creepy grin here*

Anyway so long story short I forgot that ages ago I was given permission to post here and, frankly, I fucking didn’t. Did you miss me?

I honestly have no idea what to post about right now, so I’m going to tell you a story. It sort of includes Elm.

So, it’s a Saturday. I think. Was the other day actually, and me and her were at this Thai restaurant place for a friend’s birthday. (Wren’s one, I believe.)

Oh god, schlong.

All through the evening, these friends of mine and Elm’s were making jokes about ‘Schlongs’ (It was a fancy restaurant so they wanted a fancy way to say penis). And these jokes originally started as knock-knock jokes, with schlong being the punchline more often than not. And then one of my friends made a mistake.

Me: Knock knock.

Friend: Schlong- wait.

And then I couldn’t stop laughing for a good while. Oh god.

And then we played Chinese whispers- and guess who changed the word to ‘schlong’?

Yeah. Good ol’ friend.

When the kid at  the end finally had to say it, he couldn’t stop laughing. Which led to the pun, “Don’t take to schlong!”

I don’t know man. I think you had to be there.

‘Till next time!

11 thoughts on “SO I forgot I was able to write on this

  1. So i’ve been on your page for about what 2 or 3 minutes and i love it so much! you’ve clearly put so much time and effort into it and i admire that.your posts are fab too x

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