It Shouldn’t have been THAT Scary

Aspen – my boyfriend – came over today, which was great because I hadn’t seen him in two weeks. I think I almost cried with laughter at one point, because I’m special like that. The day was fantastic, as things ALWAYS are with Aspen (GUYS remember when I used to write rambling posts about my then shitty love life? Hmm, that makes me sound arrogant).

Dad and I went to drop him off at the train station and as we got out the car, this guy came up to us. He talked to us, and followed us (or just walked) into the train station.

Our train station is tiny, and ALWAYS quiet, and this guy was shouting nearly at the top of his lungs. He was drunk, I could tell, and I think high as well according to my dad. I’m not sure, though.

Some of the things he said where (excuse the language)

“You got a fag?” This was said to my dad about 4 times, and to some other guys up and down the station platform.

“I LOVE CHELSEA!” (As in, the football team) He would also scream “CHELSEA!” whilst clapping his hands. By scream, I mean ACTUALLY screaming.

This was the bit that scared me. “I FUCKING HATE WEST HAM! I’d knife them I would. I fucking hate those-” Yeah and I’m not writing the next word.

Yeah. What also scared me was that he got REALLY close to us, and then he didn’t step away from the edge of the platform when the train came. He was supposed to be on the other platform for. his train, but he kept on going and then coming back to our platform.

At the start, I thought it was… I’m not sure, kind of amusing in a “WHAT’S HAPPENING?” kind of way. I was sat in between Aspen and my dad (holding Aspen’s hand in a death grip yes I’m great like that) but when Aspen left, I kind of got scared. A little.

Both of them were scared he’d get violent – well, so was I. So, dad and I got out the station, and you could still hear him, yelling and clapping and saying the same words, over and over. I don’t really know how to describe it because looking back on my words, it doesn’t seem all that scary. His voice made me feel a little scared, which is dumb because I tried not to judge him, but in the end I was scared.

I think it’s stupid to try and predict what you’d be like in a situation that’s like that, or worse, because you won’t know. You might say you’d be brave, but chances are – like me – you were actually scared that guy was going to hurt you, or get himself hurt or someone else on the platform. It’s awful that I’m saying that because I shouldn’t have really been. scared. As much as I TRIED not to judge him, it was almost impossible and I have to say, I kind of feel sorry for him.

My dad called the transport police on him, so hopefully he’s okay. I wonder what it will be like for him when he wakes up tomorrow, or if this is his life now, or what he thinks. Will he remember it? Is he going to get arrested?

Bottom line is: I was scared. Not so scared as to fear for my own safety on a MASSIVE level, but scared enough that I wanted to get out of there. I have no idea if he looked stereotypical, nor do I care, because he was just a guy and I don’t know his story, but it affected me in some way and I think it’s important to realise that, no matter what, you CAN feel threatened on the quietest of days in the most peaceful places. And that’s not a weakness, or a bad thing, because I admitted to myself that I was scared and it made me feel a little better.

I don’t want to judge the guy. That’s unfair, because I have no idea what he goes through. But when someone is standing in front of you, asking your father the same questions over and over again and then walking off to shout at other people, that kind of logic flies out the window.

Have you ever had experiences like this?

From Elm πŸ™‚

45 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t have been THAT Scary

  1. I’ve never experience anything like that but good on you for thinking about it. I think most people would kind of hate him and judge him immediately but you’re actually caring about his safety and thinking about his background. And that’s very cool of you. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve had so many experiences like this as I travel a lot on trains and in the evenings, its horrible and pretty scary too as I travel alone most of the time. Luckily there’s a lot of train staff about in the evenings to keep an eye but on the underground after a football match its the worst. x

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever had an experience like that, involving a drunk person.
    But I am absolutely sure that I would have reacted the same way. I don’t think I would’ve even pretended to seem brave. I would’ve outright started crying and running out of there ( it sounds like overreacting, but I know myself, I would’ve surely done that). So, I’m just saying, you have every single right to be scared:)

  4. One time i was walking done the street in New York and my shirt said “live well, laugh often, love much” and a random lady ran up to me and yelled “don’t tell me what to do” then stomped on my toe then ran away. I started laughing because I didn’t know whether to be scared or just confused. haha

  5. Ya I think I would also try not to judge because I don’t like judging people I Don’t know because I don’t know their story I don’t know what got them drunk or why they r drunk but I do know it would freak me out a little. I do know that I might be a little scared and if not scared then just a little on edge and nervous

  6. A drunk man sounding about his favourite football team in a train station while asking for cigarettes, yep, sounds like England. In terms of having an experience like this, yeah, a few times.Just small and insignificant things that happen throughout the day where you have a judgemental thought then think other wise. One thing I always think about though, is a quote that said ‘your first thought is conditioned by society, and what it wants you to think. You’re second thought is what you’ve grown to think and understand yourself’

  7. I was at a pub once with my dad watching football (it seems that football makes people drunk) and this guy starting swearing and saying the c word. My dad had enough and told him to get of the family pub and wipe his mouth with soap. The guy then started arguing with my dad and it got to the point where we left the pub. The next week, we had a new neighbour and it was that guy in the pub. He was really embarrassed and said sorry to my dad πŸ™‚ It’s quite funny looking back on it but I remember being terrified

    • MAN, I would have been as well – it’s weird how it seems funny afterwards, isn’t it? Must have been SO embarrassing for that guy, though.

  8. Yeah on (I think it was Thursday) I was walking down the main road on my own on the way to meet my friend to go to school and then two men holding beer bottles appeared in front me. They were stumbling all over the place and shouting and swearing. I was in a rush and wanted to get past but I had to slow down otherwise I would’ve had to overtake them. I’m the end I just dashed across the road and started speed walking cos I was really scared. Now I kinda feel bad about it because I kinda ran away from them even though they weren’t directly threatening me. I guess I should’ve tried to get help as they looked like any moment the could’ve fallen in the road but I was a kinda worried for my life. I didn’t fancy my chances of survival haha 1 young girl VS 2 fully grown, drunk men. I don’t think so lol

  9. I’ve experienced this begore where there was a drunk guy at the station and he kept sitting on the platform edge with his legs hanging over the tracks and yelling stuff. Then he kept pacing up and down and standing RIGHT on the edge of the platform. I was so scared he was going to get hurt and fall on to the tracks but luckily he didn’t. It was a horrible experience though.

  10. When I was in Paris on French exchange there was a man on the metro who was reeeaallly drunk and he kept on coming ovr to me and my friend and swearing at us in English. It was really weird.

  11. omg i get trains and tubes everyday and YES i get stupidness like that all the time…its scary at first sand then it gets to the point that its just annoying…but, in other news, I’m doing a christmas card type things (latest post has details) and was wondering if you wanted one? πŸ˜€

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