He Joined the Blogosphere Ages Ago and I FORGOT TO SAY!

Red and I first became REAL friends when he found out I stabbed him in the back.

Okay, we WERE friends before – “friendly acquaintances” as we sometimes say. But when I trusted him with the fact that I used to be in love with Ash, and he trusted me with who HE loves, our ACTUAL friendship started. So HERE, Red, is a post basically fangirling about our friendship like I did a few days ago in real life… That was fun. No, seriously, this guy is bloody amazing.

Red has seen me at my absolute worst, and also reads my blog, so he understands how bad it gets sometimes. And he STILL puts up with me, which is an achievement in itself. And I also think he’s brilliant – loyal, hilarious, crazy at times (like today he decided it was a great idea to speak in a painfully high voice for about 10 minutes). Yup. Smart idea πŸ˜€

We know each other so well, like how whenever the word “test” is mentioned, he turns to me and shouts “YOU’LL BE FINE!” or when I’m sad, like today, he helps me go and buy lunch without even really saying it (which made me laugh for about 5 minutes).

He ALSO has a blog, where he posts his poetry and his life. It’s bloody amazing and his poetry skills are actually fantastic and I’M JEALOUS. He’s literally one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and he means a LOT to me cause he’s Red and posh – I MEAN ARTICULATE SORRY.

You can follow him here. I’m proud of him for starting a blog, and I was going to post about it a LONG time ago but I’m stupid and forgot.

Red, you’re awesome. Sorry for fangirling like a lunatic; I can’t help it.

I’m definitely going to post more fangirl-friend-yay posts soon. It’s fun and makes me feel happy.

ALSO, everyone, thank you so much for all your support yesterday. I’m not okay yet – I’m getting there, but I’m not at the point where I like myself yet. Your words have helped me so much and I needed them; you guys are the voices of reason to me. Keep being as great as you are.

From Elm πŸ™‚

PS: It’s my friend Ivy’s birthday today and she’s 16 and it’s scary because all my friends are getting old.

15 thoughts on “He Joined the Blogosphere Ages Ago and I FORGOT TO SAY!

  1. hi elm , please don’t get mad because I know you get this all the time . But I’ve nominated you for the dragon loyalty award. I think i remember you saying you don’t do awards but I’m not sure . If that’s true , then you don’t have to do it but know that I nominated you because you’re an amazing person and your support impacted me gratefully . thanks for always being positve .
    parisianpages πŸ˜€

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