The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

I LOVE you guys so much, because I got an award, and HOW?!!

The lovely Parisian Pages – who I still refer to as Moonlight – nominated me for this. She is such a lovely and sweet person and if you haven’t followed her, do so along with the blogs I’ll be nominating cause I love them all.

The Rules (adapted a teeny bit because I can’t copy and paste skills yes)
1. Display the award on the blog. GUYS, how do you do this?!
2. Celebrate your win by writing a post about it, and link to your nominator.
3. Nominate 6 deserving bloggers for this award.
4. Link to your awardees – nominees? What’s the right word?
5. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself. (I’M NOT INTERESTING)

The ‘interesting’ facts

1. When I was about 5, I had this… I think it was like a chair with a cover and it span round, and I used to pretend I was going on a journey to space and under the sea with one of my friends. Whatever happened to that chair? Think I broke it.

2. I can’t open either eye properly- I can only really open the left eye if I try, but normally, they’re half-closed which makes me look tired all the time.

3. I was in a film. A LITTLE film, okay?! It’s… I…

4. I was in Call the Midwife. For 2 seconds. And you couldn’t see me but shh.

5. My tollerance for spice is legendary, in that it’s basically nonexistent. By that, I mean I CRY WHEN I EAT THE BAREST HINT OF SPICE. My mother’s Malaysian so in THEORY, I should be used to it because she eats spicy stuff, but I grew up, well, NOT eating that. WHOOPS.

6. The first crush I got on a girl was on my friend Pine who was homophobic at the time, and I didn’t even realise it was a crush. Thank god that ended. That’s REALLY AWKWARD OH NO

7. When people tickle me, I go completely crazy and start laughing hysterically. YUP, I’m clever.

AND my nominees, together with a description of them – ish.

Dziey – a really awesome blogger who leaves FANTASTIC comments.

L – a good, real life friend of mine who’s blog is great.

Selfie – someone I genuinely consider an inspiration and who has always helped me through the bad times.

Georgie – I found her recently and I think she’s great; her posts make me so happy.

Jerrod – a really sweet guy who’s comments make my day.

Sam – possibly my oldest blogging friend who I actually became friends with on my old blog, and who’s posts are the best thing you will ever read.

I hope you liked that! Also, has anyone got any recommendations of new blogs? As in, bloggers that’ve just started? Or, ARE you one?

From Elm πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

  1. Hi!! I think you are very interesting!! And I always love readigny our post, I come home from shcool, type in your blog url, to check if I’ve missed ny of your amazing stuff!! I can’t take spice, and I’m bengali lol, and my family find the fact I put water in curries with any spice hilarious! And once when i was tickled at school, by my friend, I fell, and my skirt came completely up…………so awkward, as one of the teachers we suspect is paedo, just walked by, and wasn’t like, what happened get up, like a normal teacher, he just stood there smiling…….fucking cunt..even though he is a man!!so can that be a cunt?!bye friendie!!

  2. Elm being hilarious once again! No.1 had me laughing, when I was a kid I used to make a bag out of shawls and stuff clothes in it and pretend that I’m running away from home, I would also be carrying this bald baby doll, you reminded me of myself! πŸ’™

  3. i really like how you did it differently too , that’s really cool . And thank you for doing this and I’m checking out every blog you nominated too because it’s great discovering blogs . And I’m with you on the ticke thing πŸ˜€

  4. Aww thank u so much Elm!! And honestly it comes to no surprise that you’ve won! I mean seriously! Your blogs are amazing! I hope u keep doing what you do and make us happy πŸ™‚

  5. i lovedlovedloved this!! i thought i would help you with your wordpress struggles (trust me, it took me months to figure it out too) to add a picture, i suggest using your computer. its easier. but either way, there should be an “add media” button, click it, download your image and it should be displayed there πŸ™‚

  6. Oh! I didn’t see this post earlier! haha, thank you Elm… When I saw my name, I literally said “That’s me! That’s me!” haha, thanks once again!

  7. thanks SO VERY much for the nomination! I’ll get round to doing it sometime….soon? You’re honestly SO so sweet:)
    I totally relate to the tickling fact. I go ABSOLUTELY insane when I’m tickled too ! Gets kinda dangerous sometimes XD

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